Wup installer like game downloader for wii or gamecube games

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    hey just waswondering if there was somthing like WUP instaler like there is for the wii u but just for the wii or gamecube becuase i think the wii was and still is a great console andive prated for just about every other nintendo console so just thought id ask
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    USB Loader GX (and other loaders) have options to install Wii and GameCube discs directly to an HDD.

    Is that what you're looking for, or something else?

    EDIT: Just checked WUP Installer, and it has title downloading. AFAIK there aren't any on-system title downloaders for WiiWare and Virtual Console, though that doesn't mean it's impossible. NUS servers don't have GameCube titles, but they do have Wii titles for the Wii U eShop, so it *might* be possible to download Wii games directly in a loader, but the format is slightly different than original Wii discs, so it would need some adjustment.
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