Wii games on any loader either black screen or reset to menu

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    Aug 30, 2017
    Hello all, i have been playing from my usb for quiet some time. It worked perfectly like about a few months ago, then I didn't touch it for a while due to school. I then decided to play from my usb again and I either get a black screen if i use wii backup manager for the isos or just resets to the menu screen/homebrew channel when i use wfbs manager for the isos. Keep in mind i have not changed anything or any settings during that time span; i just left it as is. I have tried both the new usb loader version and the old one, as well as cfg and still doesn't work. It runs gamecube games just fine when i use nintendont; it's just the wii games that is the issue. I have provided my syscheck as well. If anyone can give me a solution that would be greatly appreciated.

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