wii controller freeze after going to (v)wii mode

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Jan 4, 2013
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    I'm not sure if this is related to my (third party) controller.
    When going to wii mode you must first press the button with the wii controller. That works.
    It goes to wii mode. When the screen says press A to continue the controller doesn't work.
    I can take another controller to press A and it works.
    To get it to work again I first have to pull out the batteries and when put back in again it works fine again.
    I can stay in wii mode and I don't have to pull the batteries out anymore (although several IOS switches and subsequent activating the controller is done)
    Does anyone recognize the phenomenon ? Can it be fixed somehow ?
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    I had exact the same problem with a 3rd party controller, i had to return it. I bought original ones and they work like a charm.

    But for me this append on everything else also not only on Vwii


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