What Replacement shell goes well with Red? (Nintendo Ds lite)

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    Right, so i own two Ds lites and one of them has its hinges broken so i want to replace it. So after looking up tutorials and gaining more confidence on how to preform the whole procedure, i plan on going ahead and giving it a try!

    But, i am stuck with a dilemma which is that i do not now which color replacement shell to choose! the Ds lite that i plan on replacing is the one below:


    SO my question is simple, which color shell would you recommend i mix the red with?

    Just some quick notes below:

    • This will be my first ever replacement of any shell for any system that i own
    • Also i saw via YouTube that both screens have that red Square sticker thing which can be removed. But i intend to keep the red sticker!
    • Also since i already own the red buttons of my Ds lite, i was hoping to purchase a shell that i mixes well with the color Red so that i can end up with a ds lite that has a mix combination of two different colors that look stunning!
    So what color do you recommend i use? and has anyone ever replaced their Red shell with A different color? and if so which color did you mix it with?

    Thanks in advance