What do you think will happen to the home menu when the Miiverse is ended

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    I'm inclined to think that when the miiverse ends, Nintendo will push a new Firmware on the Wii U, removing references and entry points to the Miiverse, much in the same way how an older firmware update removed the TVii feature and from the Wii U. But what do you think will happen to the main menu? Will it still show a bunch of Miis run onto the screen surrounding the most popular Wii U titles. Or do you think they'll drop taht whole aspect of it and just mirror what you see on your gamepad on the TV? I'm thinking it might be that, which sounds like a bummer just thinking about it, all those Miis running on screen, I think they called the Wakawaka plaza or something like that, is just so iconic to the Wii U, its hard to imagine starting up the system and no longer seeing that.
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    I honestly think they wont do nothing to it. The system will assume the server is down, and throw an error message back to the menu.
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    As said above, an error popup will be displayed and will prompt you to go back to home menu. As of friend list, this will be a big impact.