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    [​IMG] I Have In This Guide, Information That Will Greatly Help The DS Community, I Just Hope It Is Well Recieved.

    I Don't Think Many People, If Anybody Knows This On This Site. (If So, I Have Never Seen Any Posts About It.) I Digress, On To The Point. This Here Is A Method To Create High Quality Videos For The Nintendo DS (DSM,DPG Tested) Using The K-Lite Mega Codec Pack (Mainly FFDShow). In Explicit Detail... YOU ARE WARNED!

    So The First Step Is To Download The Pack I Found It Here Codec Guide This Is The Official Website As Far As I Know. Download Any Updates If Available On The Site.

    When Installing This Make Sure That You...
    Set All Formats To Libavcodec Or Some Variation Of FFDShow If Possible And All Splitters To Gabest And Disable Everything That Says Haali
    Enable All Of The "Other Video Formats[FFDShow]"
    Enable All Of The "Other Audio Formats[FFDShow]"
    Enable All Of The "DirectShow Audio Parsers"
    Set All DirectShow Source Filters To Gabest
    Enable Flv Splitter
    Enable CDXA Reader
    If You Don't Have Realplayer Set Up RealAlternative (once installation is complete run the program and enable "Use DirectSound")

    When It Asks You To Set Default Programs For Certain File Types Uncheck All Formats Reason Being It Changes How All Media Icons Look In The Process. Just A Suggestion But You Shoud Probably Set The Manually Through Windows.

    Okay Now That We Are Through The Fun Part We Can Get Down To Business...One Thing Though The FLV4 Codec Is Tricky So You Have To Click Run On Your Start Menu And Type In (Excluding Brackets) [regsvr32 "C:\Program Files\K-Lite Codec Pack\Filters\"] Do This For Any Other Format That Gives You A The Common TWOlame encoding Error.
    Replace The File Name Of The Filter/Splitter That You Wish.

    Another Thing You Should Have All Of The Files for Moonshell DPG Encoder Or DSM Encoder In A Folder On Your Desktop.
    There Seems To Be Bugs Parsing Strings Anywhere Else I've Tried.

    Back To Configuring FFDShow...
    Open FFDshow Audio Decoder
    You Can Pretty Much Play With Any Of The Settings As You Wish As Long As You Don't Have It Decode In A Pure Digital Format When Trying To Convert A NDS Video.

    Set The Output To 16 bit integer (NOTHING ELSE)
    Change The Mixer To 2/0/0 - stereo (ALSO NOTHING ELSE CHECKED)[this helps eliminate audio/video desync when skipping through the video on the NDS]
    Like I Said You Can Play With The Volume, Equalizer,Resample...etc
    Oh And Make Sure You Set All Of The Codecs To libavcodec if possible (in codecs at the very top)

    Next Is FFDShow Video Decoder
    This Is CRUCIAL.

    You Must...
    Check Resize & Aspect
    Set To "Specify Horizontal And Vertical Size"
    In New Size Box Type In |256| |192|
    Check Resize Always
    Under "Borders": Switch To Pixels, Unlock Vertical, Set Values To 0
    Under "Settings"
    Unlock Chroma
    Set Luma And Chroma Sharpen To 2.00 (Unless Desired Lower,But Some methods Lower Detail Terribly If You Dont, I Mean Huge Blocks Everywhere man.)
    Check Accurate Rounding

    Go To Output
    Uncheck "Set Pixel Aspect Raito In Output Media Type"
    Check High Quality YV12 To RGB Conversion
    Change The YCbCr Specification, Method, Input Level,Output Level, All To Auto (It Stops Unecessary Amounts Of Artifacts From Being Produced)

    Explanations For Some Aspect Of Tutorial
    You Have To Have It Resize The Video because mencoder does a not so good job at doing so.
    if you have good eyes you could see when text or anything that has a definite amount of pixels you can count that if you were to resize the video at 256x192 and see the object letter like O You Would Be Able To Read It Better Than You Would If The Video were at 640x480

    Recommended Settings
    Total Bitrate: No Higher Than 820 kb/s
    Video 512-640 kb/s
    Audio 128-256 kb/s
    Weird Fact You Actually Get Less Lag With 256 kb/s Audio (Larger File Size, but not by much)(plus stick with multiples of 8 no lower than 128 kb/s)
    change brightness to 100 percent and uncheck auto adjust, and optionally smooth frame blending.(just realize when you lower a video's frame rate certain scenes will look studdery anyway regardless if or not you have this checked)

    fps no higher than 20fps (lower bitrate slightly to compensate)

    fps no higher than 24fps (otherwise it may lag, but hey test it)

    FFDShow Video
    Please Use A Sharpening Filter, But Dont Over Do It, Be A Tweaker.
    I Recommend msharpen (default settings) unsharp mask, or xsharpen (default)

    If You Want To Utilize the dslite's brighter screen you should check postprocessing and picture properties.

    Set Postprocessing to custom (check All)
    check mplayer accurate deblocking
    check level fix luminance and full range

    Set Picture properties
    Contrast 144
    Brightness -8
    Saturation 92 (some videos when converted to ds look washed out this combats this)
    check again level fix luminance and full range

    My Goodness This Is A Lot To Take In But This Is All 100% Solid Intel On Converting NDS Videos
    Maybe With This People Will Stop Whining About The DS's Limited Video Converter Capabilities,At Least For Windows Users
    I Hope This Helps People Who Use DSM Video Encoder, Moonshell 2 Anbelow Video Converters. And As Far As Directshow Video Conversion Goes This Info Is Relevant For People Who Use SUPER To Convert DPG, But The Only Problem With Super To Convert Videos To The DS Is It Uses 32-bit color which sometimes causes irregularites in certain videos. and sakura DSM is sharper and clearer in a lot of cases as far as videos go.

    Ok Im Signing Off... Peace [​IMG]
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    hm... i'm using SUPER and convert flv to dpg.
    When i'm starting more then one file to convert after everyone file there comes an popup window with the text "Here" .
    If i doesn't push on this button Super wouldn't convert the other files till i click on it.
    When i'm going away then it is annoying ,because i would be only one file converted because no one clicks on the button during the time.
    Anyone one solution?

    Thank you [​IMG]
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    when i try downloading the batchdpg all i get is 404 not found
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    Comparison with SuperC and dpgencoder progam by moonshell:


    - Encodes more faster... 300x faster than superc
    - Supports DGP4 (fixed.. no more lag on videos even on fast phase video)

    - not flexible program. Cant use external filters wisely.
    - there are no subs. (cant use VOBsub filter)

    ::Super C::

    - more flexible.. supports wide known formats.
    - Can encode subs. Hardcoded on output format.

    - slower... 2-pass encoding
    - quality sucks
    - only DPG0 support

    see for yourself:
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    Nov 6, 2008
    Which batchDPG should I be getting for use with moonshell2?

    Also, are all batchDPG versions above 1.3 unofficial?
    From DS-scene, I see 1.0 final and 1.3 beta 2 (no 1.3 beta 5) which are made by the same person, then there are 1.44 to 1.56 which are unofficial and made by another person.
    Even more confusing is that from the DS scene forum: , there is apparently a link to the creator of v1.56 (iAmGhost ?) blog [link] which has batch DPG v1.60 unofficial.

    Which one of these can work with moonshell 2?
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    May 24, 2008
    hi guys..

    apologies if this is in the wrong thread.

    just wanna know, are .mkv encoded to .dpg files playing smoothly in moonshell 2.08?
    i'm using batchdpg with k-lite codec pack 5.51 (full), ffdshow and all, i can get the file to work BUT there's no sound!

    even tried a 700mb+ dvd-rip .avi file and i got the same results.

    please advice..

    thank you in advance. =]
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    Hey I got the Batchdpg 1.3 and when ever i try to turn a movie into dpg it freezes ALOT can someone help me?
  8. shadowcrawl

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    Jan 9, 2010
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    hey i switched over to SUPER after cursing along time but now when i play some of the movies they are off sync can someone help me?
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    Nov 12, 2009
    well, i have just confirmed... the link on the first post is down... wich mirror/alternate version do you recommend?
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    Which exact link are you talking about dukemagus?
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    hey, i've succesfully encoded some Matroska (MKV) videos for a while now, so i really don't see much problem with that container format and batchdpg. the only thing i can probably think of right now is that for some reason, batchdpg might not be able to encode the audio format embedded in the MKV file. it would be a bit long-winded, but you could maybe rip the audio off of it and then convert that into mp3 or mp2 (use the recommended specs), then use that as the audio part for batchdpg (so you have separate video and audio source files). i did something similar to that recently when i converted a movie and the audio turned out dismally low. i had to rip the original audio out, convert it and amplify it, then used that as the audio track for encoding on batchdpg. turned out great.

    oh yeah, i suggest you get SUPER converted, recent version, if you're going to do that long-winded suggestion. it can rip the audio off for you then convert it (i suggest you stream it for zero quality loss before converting). as for amplifying the audio, i used Audacity (freeware) with Lame MP3 codec (for exporting to MP3). when you amplify it, jam the slider up until you're satisfied with the volume. if the button grays out, check (or uncheck) the tick box to allow clipping (but don't overdo it or you'll lose the higher frequencies, ruining the audio).

    oh yeah, i'm starting to compile DPGs of my favorite animes and uploading them. they're all done with batchdpg 1.52, medium profile/3-pass. EDIT: links modded, heh. off to gbatmw to check out their stuff (i'm really liking their upcoming projects).


    since the links were cut, i'd post some screenies instead. i hope these are okay.
    Warning: Spoilers inside!
    see you guys there!
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    A website that can allow you to continue your endeavors is, a community that aims to put watchable quality videos for download in the various .dpg formats. If you want to contribute to there community, just make sure you read their rules and policies (some of them are very important, so you really should read all of it before you start posting up your conversions).
  13. ferofax

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    Jan 26, 2009
    oh wow, thanks about that. I didn't really know about that site till now (only recently got into converting stuff anyway). i'll go check that out, since i really don't know where to put stuff like this anyway. i also got an online acquaintance who actually put up a site to cater to us NDS gamers in the philippines (although of course, anybody's welcome to go there), and we've both been doing some conversions lately. aside from our miserable upload rates, conversion's picking up quite nicely, and we've started to accumulate some stuff now. [​IMG]

    again, thanks for that site. [​IMG]
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    Jan 26, 2010
    Humm guys, I know this question has been asked million times before me but I seek your help please...

    Ok, today I've tried :
    1. BatchDPG
    2. WonderShare
    3. NDSMovie Converter
    4. SUPER

    I just wanted to turn an MP4 video to a DPG, yet it was an EPIC FAIL!

    Could you please tell me what to do ?

    The first outcome from the first didn't work, error message.
    The second, I don't remeber what was the problem, for the third it couldn't even convert the file.
    The outcome from SUPER was in very HQ but the video stopped at the beggining and it froze my DSi.

    Another question : If you know a program that you have tested and that it worked for DSi, would you also please give me the configurations for the best quality ?
    (A program that can convert MP4/YouTube files would be prefered...)

    Sorry if my question seems to be annoying~
  15. ChuckMcB

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    mymemorial, start with a very short movie (or even a youtube video) and convert it with the encoder that comes with Moonshell. Then once you know that works move up to longer movies (and/or using the tools you list).
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    Aug 24, 2009
    guys, i have a question. can i add a subtitle for DPG file? it's already in DPG and i want to add subtitle. help me guys. tq.
  17. WalterCool

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    Just encode your video with subtitles and convert it to dpg
  18. jurassicplayer

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    There is absolutely no way to add subtitles to your dpg file. Your only option is to follow the post above and reencode the original video with hardsubbed subtitles.
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    Aug 20, 2009
    Wrong thread but the latest update on YouTube cuts the functionality of the newest dpgenc.exe from downloading vids. Anyone can confirm this? [​IMG]
  20. ChuckMcB

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    Mar 30, 2007
    Just grabbed a couple of music videos with dpgenc.exe no problems.

    Was there a particular video that was giving you problems?