[TUTORIAL] Wii U USB Helper for macOS / OS X installation Guide

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    UPDATE: I created a new tutorial to run the android version of this app on macOS / OS X. It runs much smoother than this version. https://gbatemp.net/threads/tutoria...on-macos-os-x-installation-guide-pics.465330/

    This isn't the prettiest solution for getting this thing running on a Mac, but it works.

    1. Download Wii U USB Helper
    2. Download WineBottler
    3. Install Wine Bottler as instructed in the readme. Fairly simple: After opening the .dmg, drag both wine and wine bottler into your applications.
    4. Open WineBottler
    5. At the top click on "Advanced"
    6. Under program installation, select the Wii U USB Helper's "Updater.exe" that you downloaded earlier and
    the options as shown in the image:
    7. Start compiling the .app with the Install button on the bottom right. This may take some time. It may look like it is frozen, I assure you it is not.
    8. Run the app from wherever you saved it to during installation.
    9. It will Ask you to choose a directory for where the app should save to. It may be best to create a new folder for this.
    10. Next it will ask where to save downloaded game. Choose your preferred folder, or create a new one.
    11. Follow the remaining instructions on screen. When it asks you for the title key source... Well you can find that fairly easily on google.

    For application specific questions, refer to Hikari06's official thread on the Wii U USB Helper

    ***One thing I seem to not have gotten around is that the app attempts to install every time it is opened, which is not the biggest deal (not to me anyways).*** If you choose the same directory to install the application to, the application seems to sometimes crash. To get around this, delete the installation folder and install from scratch. Takes like 30 seconds of your time. Or you can just keep Wii U USB Helper open.

    ***The app will take a rather large chunk of space (about 1GB) due to its Windows' and .net dependencies hosted with it in the application.

    Credits to @Hikari06 for creating the Wii U USB Helper.
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