[Tutorial] Installing Luma3DS CFW (For 2DS,o3DS,N3DS - Full MenuHax+RedNAND+Autoboot Setup)

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    Dec 16, 2015
    hey guys, id done this on my o3dsxl from rx tools everything is fine, had some problems doing it on the wife's but got it working... the problem is if done the health and safety injection on the wifes o3dsxland it says:

    Install failed!
    Could not install app.
    raw error: 0xc8a8082b
    Module: am (0x20)
    level: status (0x19)
    Summary: Invalid state (0x5)
    Description: Database dose not exist (0x2b)

    Press start to continue.

    i have done the make Import.db and title.db int the "\id0\id1\dbs" folder. and go to "System Settings -> Data Management -> Nintendo 3DS -> Software " and let it repair,
    and that still dose not work. iv tried deleting the files. and repeat the repair, nothing, also pulled the files from my o3dsxl and tried that on hers. still nothing

    one thing to note when i have done the repair, it only "repairs" if i go the the dsiware then click on the "SD CARD" tab. but the files that i made still are 0.kb so its not.. "repair'd" them

    also to note i had mistakenly formatted the emunand when unlinking the nands it was working before since then i have formatted the sysnand a few times trying to get this to work.