Turning Wi-Fi off fixes lagging in Zelda BoTW and other Switch games

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    Well let me get everything straight

    "When playing a game, all other processes should get a lower priority or be completely frozen and resources should be trimmed or swapped, to maximize the RAM and CPU resources available to the game"
    > We are talking about networking. You can't just stop networking by freeze it. For the other processes the switch cpu is divided.

    "Because proper QA testing doesn't exist anymore and is out sourced to India and what not and a majority of issues are left un addressed and patched with firmware updates. "
    > Even with the best QA it will be always something that doesn't work as intended. That's why there are vulnerabilities in everything in one or another way.

    " I can't believe that Nintendo never learns their shit, particularly when it comes to networking" | "Now we have 5 GHz but with awful range, 50 Mb/s capped"
    > 50 MB/s is more than enough. Does your switch run in priority mode on your router? Do you need more? Yes, for what? Playing online? Online Games should never need that much. Updates? If there server is throttled per connection, yeah good to have a fast internet on a device which never will use it's full potential. Which means more resources for the cpu.

    "didn't try to fix it before the release" | "how nobody caught this during in-house testing"
    > Maybe they didn't find it or thought the reason was bugs in the game? Who knew, the problem now exists and is pretty sure patchable.

    Instead of just shit posting / hating, try look at things from more than 1 view.
    Sure isn't the best what could happen for the price, but nothing a 2000€ also could have.
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    That's dumb. Is the PS4 utter garbage because Bloodborne is full of frame rate drops? Bugs happen. Bad optimization happens. Get used to it.

    I don't remember them promising 60 FPS for BotW. Was this well before Switch was announced or something? That's obviously unrealistic for a Wii U port when even PS4 rarely runs games at more than 30 FPS and also has drops. As native Switch games, Splatoon 2 and Mario Odyssey will surely run better than BotW none the less.
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    Idk maybe im just lucky. I havent had any frame rate drops in zelda.

    I do have lag in bomberman online which really sucks.
    Idk if its there network or the switches wifi, but it needs to be fix. When mk8 comes out if there is lag there will be alot of mad people.
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    > implying India doesn't do quality work. (?)
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  5. ned

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    Dec 21, 2014
    Dear Mr / Mrs blah this is windows tech support calling.
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  6. heartgold

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    Sep 11, 2009
    I doubt it will increase performance by much, won't mean suddenly Zelda will be stable 30FPS.
  7. Jiehfeng

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    Finding that out myself.
    Hey, that explains why I was wondering why it was pretty smooth for me this morning. But there were small drops here and there though.
  8. WiiUBricker

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    Sep 19, 2009
    But I disabled wifi and still got those lags in Zelda. Disabling Wifi doesn't fix the problem entirely.
  9. Costello

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    Oct 24, 2002
    is it slightly better though?
    or doesnt change anything at all
  10. retrofan_k

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    May 31, 2013
    Cheaper to outsource, hence why companies do it, yet poor quality output in return.

    You, as the consumer then suffer as a consequence.
  11. azoreseuropa

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    Proud to be Portuguese but I am in USA.
    To be honest. I disabled Wifi anyway. I don't need online at all.
  12. Retroboy

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    May 28, 2015
    ohh here is a nintendont defendant.... the switch is a NEXT GEN SYSTEM..... stick with me here pal because im certain you cant derive from what beloved nintendont tell you.

    the PS4.... Bloodborne is a far more advance game, it has highly detailed environments, models, textures and well more advanced than anything the switch can dream of running.

    But still keep with me.

    Keep actually if you had woken up since the ps4/XBX1 launch, alot of games are now running in 1080p and have better frame rates...... but again stick with me.

    How old is the PS4/XBX1.....

    Still keep with me here.....

    How old is the Switch........ LESS THAN A MONTH.

    Now you should expect a NEW NEXT GEN SYSTEM to be able to play games without having to turn off features such as WIFI.... i mean how the fuck are you to play online or with friends if the fucking system starts lagging because NINTENDONT have yet again released a dead cheap system AGAIN.

    as for BoTW, we all knew NINTENDONT delayed this so it would push WII U owners to buy the switch..... but even that, the switch version has fuck all worthy of buying a new system @£280 especially looking at how cheap NINTENDONT have been with it.

    this in my eyes is more of a fuck up than the wii u...... do NINTENDONT really think this is impressing gamers to buy this pile of crap, soon that the WOW factor is dead, watch its sales drop even lower and watch the DEVS abandon ship...... ohhh the wii u all over again.

    bet then youll buy the crap NINTENDONT release to claim it didnt fail.... lets call gamers stupid by saying they thought it was a WII U add on.

    this console has had no thought at all, its a rushed pile of shit and is going to fall flat on its arse as it cant even run its shit now, never mind try running PS4/XBX1 shit, then it can fuck off trying anything that SONY/MS's next gen systems run..... Keeping in mind this switch is actually nintendos 2nd gen console during the same gen.... so again NINTENDONT didnt think about making its hardware better that whats already on the market or at least capable to try compete with current systems so it might last.

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    move any wires, disconnect other devices off the network, move closer to the router.... in fact nintendo report shoving the router up your anus improves the signal quality.

    i think everyone who has had countless issues should take nintendo to court and these cheap fuckers should be forced to revoke the switch from the market and fix all the issues and then release it again.

    this crap has so much shit design thought, or should i say no thought and ignored all the problems just to rush the sack of shit out.
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  13. DeslotlCL

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    Actually, the switch can run ps4 titles d:


    but with cut out content, details and with assets from a ps3 version if it exists...
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    My theory is that Nintendo are using a Switch botnet to DDoS Jim Sterling.

    Prove me wrong if you dare fanboys! :gun:
  15. leonmagnus99

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    Apr 2, 2013
    for real? if yes , then suuuweet!.

    i will quickly try this with Dragon Quest Heroes 1/2 ,as this game drops badly when going into fighs and other certain places.
    i had wifi on ever since i bought my switch.

    here's hoping this does solve it for now.
  16. StarTrekVoyager

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    Jun 19, 2016
    Actually lol, thé différence ils that XB1/PS4 have a crappier power/volume and power/consuming than thé Switch. Hopefully 3.0 will fix most of thèse framedrops and prove people it wasn't due to thé Switch not powerful enough or something.
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    If you are going to write thé, you can as well write le and make it even funnier. /s
    (runs away before massive backlash)
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  18. Xzi

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    Lol, it's a 1080p game with low view distance that runs at 20-30 FPS. Stop fanboying. If you're going to specify faults with one console, you can at least admit to the faults of other consoles as well.

    Consoles aren't built for high-end power, so it's pointless to expect so much from them. Especially at this price point.
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  19. Retroboy

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    May 28, 2015
    there is a FAT chance that the switch can run PS4/XBX1 titles, well i guess very early ones that might run which were PS3/360 games with slightly higher settings.

    but BoTW is nothing in comparison to what PS4/XBX1 has and its lagging already.... and its a last gen port, which the wii u is basically a slightly beefed up PS3/360...

    nintendo are seriously falling behind here, they need to cut the crap with these gimmicks and focus on releasing a good console with OPTIONAL BS gimmicks.
  20. Astral_

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    If you were French, you'd loathe autocorrect when writing English :)
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