Thoughts on the wii u?

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    Hi Guys,

    I recently picked up a refurbished wii from gamestop and I'm really enjoying it. That said I've been looking at the wii u, how do people who own it find it? is there enough fun to keep you occupied? I figured id get the splatoon for sure and from there smash bros wii u
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    The Wii has a LOT of games if you dig deep into the library (people underestimate how fun the Wii can be) but the Wii-U I have trouble justifying it's purchase.... If you can get it cheap enough then you can at least also use it as a Wii...
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    I'm not understanding your question.

    Are you asking how do I add people?

    Or are you asking which games should I pick up on it?
  4. jDSX

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    general consensus dude
  5. BORTZ

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    I have one and I pledge to finish at least most of the games I own before picked up a Switch. And I do love it every time I boot it up.
    -Bayonetta 1/2 (mostly 2 because it wouldnt exist without nintendo picking it up)
    -Pikmin 3
    -Wonderful 101
    -Xenoblade Chronicles X
    -Devil's Third (yeah i know but I like it lol)
    -Tokyo Mirage Sessions #Fire Emblem

    And more.
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  6. VitaType

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    Jul 16, 2016
    If you like me skiped the original Wii the purchase is a easy decision, if you already have a Wii and a nice emulator-setup it's a tough question indeed.
    I think it's only really worth it if you have intresst in at least one of the very long games such as Xenoblade Chronicles X or Hyrule Warriors then.
    If you're not intressted in one of the really large games you maybe will run out-of-games sooner then you expect.
    If the NX really works out and gets alot of 3th party support you may want to skip the WiiU :unsure: But Pikmen 3, Yoshis Wolly World (lets face it: The artstyle adds alot and therefore it should be played in HD and not on a 3DS) and the recent Smash Bros. would be really misses (don't let me start with you missing a 3D Mario and by far the best entry in the New Mario Bros series). With the NX you don't miss the WiiU Zelda title nor the Mario Kart entry.
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  7. Wuigi

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    Sep 14, 2012
    The potential to play all GC (Thanks to nintendont), Wii and Wii U games natively from one device is really great about it imo.
    It is a shame that the disc drive doesn't accept GC discs so I have to use a friend's Wii to make backups of them.
    Injecting games takes a lot of time though, so I haven't moved all my GC and Wii discs to Wii U channels.

    And while the Wii U had not that many games, a lot of them are really good.
    My list is nearly identical to the one of @BORTZ , Mario 3D World was also pretty good, especially the multiplayer and by forcing the player to collect a certain number of stars you see more of the hard work they put into the game.

    Mario Kart 8 is imo the best Mario Kart since Double Dash as Mario Kart Wii was just a mess regarding the drifting and the amount of items. It is not that easy to start a new race online than to start a round of Sm4sh, so I don't play it that much anymore.
  8. aykay55

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    Go with the Wii U, itt has vWii which is exactly like the original Wii except for the various channels which don't exist on it (Internet, News, etc. because it already exist in Wii U Mode). If you want to boot the Wii Mode just hold B while the Wii U is turning on. Also, the Wii U has a Quick Start Menu so it's really easy to boot a game quickly. The Wii U Homebrew setup process will take no more than 1 hour.

    If you have 5.5.2 then it will be harder.

    You can run Wii U ROMs in Loadiine GX2, GC games in Nintendont and Wii games in a VC game with Wii VC injection.
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    Gamecube, Wii, and Wii U games. Homebrew makes this into the ultimate emulation machine.