Still not sure whether to keep FIFA 18 and 12 Switch

Discussion in 'Switch - Games & Content' started by Terrible_Providence, Dec 6, 2017.

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    Dec 4, 2017
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    Hi all, I purchased physical version of FIFA 18 and 12 Switch in BestBuy with pricing both 50% off in Black Friday. I don't think I will have another friend play the game with me. Is it better to return 12 Switch? Also, how about FIFA 18? Some say it is not a full version compared with other platform?!

    I haven't opened the package, so return can still work. Any suggestion?
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    Personally I think FIFA is great, I can always find a game online and it plays well. Saying that, I can't compare it to other versions as I hadn;t played a FIFA game since '15 on the 360. I suppose it depends if you're a footy fan?
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    At first I thought you meant you bought FIFA 12 for Switch, that threw me off a bit.
    1-2-Switch is decent fun but once you have played all the minigames a few times it gets boring, there's not much replay value to it.
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