[Release] AIO B9S Pack Lite (configurations include GW, simple A9LH to B9S upgrader included)

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  1. Pentan

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    Sep 21, 2017
    So, just to make sure I got it right...
    I am on SysNAND 4.5.0 and Gateway EmuNAND 11.2. If I want to continue using Gateway on EmuNAND and additionally have SysNAND Luma I would do the following:

    - Transfer EmuNAND to SysNAND
    - Update my SysNAND to the latest firmware (11.6)
    - Use the "One and done" installer (+ Ticket Sync Scripts)

    Is that about right?
  2. Kazuma77

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    May 11, 2008
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    You need to perform the install first. Copy the configuration over. Then copy the installer over (allow all overwrites). Then copy the extra options you want to use over (transfer script, sync scripts). Then then run the installer using the exploit of your choice (If it's MSET, use the included .nds ROM to install OldLoader and use DS Profile to run it, if it's NTRBootHax, the default setup that runs "boot.firm" will take you straight to the installer). Then you can do the NAND transfer and update SysNAND to 11.6.

    The EmuNAND to SysNAND script does perform a so-called "safe transfer" where the FIRM partitions remain untouched. However, despite the name, if a safe restore is performed on a non-exploited system, it is actually likely to brick it. This is because it will probably cause a NATIVE_FIRM mismatch. What's on the FIRM partitions won't match what's on CTRNAND. Since 11.2 can't be run with a 4.5 NF, you'll have a brick on your hands. I had no way to check for the lack of an exploit when I released R5. But in R6, the transfer script is going to refuse to run if a valid exploit is not found. A full transfer of your GW EmuNAND might also brick your device, for that matter. GW used to block firm updates. So, it's possible that while the CTRNAND version of NATIVE_FIRM is on 11.2, the copy on the FIRM partitions is still at 4.5. So, you absolutely must install the exploit first to be safe.
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    Oct 16, 2017
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    Hi Kazuma

    I can't get Gateway working with this pack. The One and Done install provided a lot of convenience in performing the NTRhax exploit and restoring my B9S install which I'd accidentally lost, but despite setting up an EmuNAND and updating it to 11.2, I cannot load GW; I get the dragon logo when holding B but only two black screens after that. Have followed the instructions exactly, apart from the EmuNAND setup, and using an unedited version of the B9S Configurations folder in the AIO pack - I don't need any of the other stuff in there but I didn't want to remove anything and break it.

    My SysNAND is 11.6, EmuNAND is 11.2. I originally had an 11.2 SysNAND-only B9S /Luma setup, which I lost and ended up on stock 11.6 by a schoolboy error.
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    I'm sure it's ez pz, but are there instructions explaining how to use\install this or the AIO package? Relying on assumptions is a fool's errand. I do have an idea of what to do, but would prefer to RTFM first.