Questions: AltNWC on a 3DS

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    Hi all, I've got a few newbish questions about accessing DLC for DS games using a 3DS.

    I looked through the guide at but a couple things aren't making sense to me.

    1. Under the Nintendo DS/DSi/3DS/2DS Configuration header, there are 3 sub-headers. Action Replay DS(i) and ROM patcher both involve using a game's ROM, but NitroHax (3DS) is unclear. That's what I'm using, so will I be able to get the DLC onto physical games?

    2. Also under NitroHax (3DS), the final step says to launch the game, and then "Once open, do not open the WFC settings, as it will remove the enabled cheat." I'm confused because this guide says I need to open WFC settings from within a game to enter a server DNS.

    (Should I do the WFC settings first, and then re-launch the game with the NitroHax cheat?)

    3. I haven't been able to try testing the process myself because my network's security is not supported by the DS. If I'm not able to change it to WEP security or get another access point, would it work with the Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection USB dongle thing? I've got one packed away with the Wii...

    Thanks for any guidance or helpful hints you can give me!
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    1) Read
    2) WFC first. It says it before the 3DS steps.
    3) In theory, yes