[QUESTION] Pokemon Prism saves and updates

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    So currently I have "Pokemon Prism 0.94 Build 0201" on my 3ds. However I just updated the Pokemon Prism game. But before I did that, I used SAVFILER to export my savedata. So now, I have the newer build of PRISM, Version 0.94 Build 0222; same Title ID and Product Code. I imported the backed up save game. As I loaded POKEMON PRISM, and continued, it wouldn't allow me. It said I must update the save file by going to the website listed on screen. At this point, I thought to myself, oh this may be simple enough.

    I went into the /filer/UserSaveData/20170914013823/000097fd/ FOLDER for the "sav.dat" file.
    I renamed the "sav.dat" to "sav.sav".
    I visited the website, chose in correct file on INPUT FILE.
    Then on the same website, chose the correct build 0.94 Build 0222.bsp file.
    Clicked [BEGIN PATCHING]

    Patch succeeded! [Get file]
    The savefile was patched successfully.
    The savefile corresponds to build 0201. Patch to the current build?
    The input file seems to be a savefile. Do you want to patch a savefile to the latest version?
    *** Pokémon Prism patch (version 0.94, build 0222) ***

    Downloaded the updated sav.sav
    Loaded the 0.94 build 0222.gbc on VisualBoyAdvance.
    And selected CONTINUE.
    It loads fine!

    I then take the updated "sav.sav" and rename it back to "sav.dat" and copied it rewriting it into
    I next used VisualBoyAdvance1.8.0-beta3 emulator to load the /filer/UserSaveData/20170914013823/000097fd/ FOLDER.
    Loaded it, and it says ERROR, CORRUPTED file.

    My Question is, how do I update my savedata with the latest PRISM builds? Without corrupting or losing my Save.