Psp3000 won't boot..mostly

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Dec 17, 2016
  1. slaphappygamer

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    so, my psp3000 won't always boot. It working fine before I swapped the complete housing, but after it won't startup right. Out of frustration of continually rebooting the psp, I started mashing buttons and it started up! Upon further testing and isolating, I've found my L trigger is not stuck, but continually being pressed. I've taken the psp back apart numerous times and can't unfuck it. This trouble continues while the psp is apart, so I know it's not the physical buttons. I've cleaned all the contacts that join that side of the psp. I've closely checked the ribbon cables and they are all intact. I think I may need to buy new pads for the buttons on both sides. Any other suggestions or did I answer my own question?

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