PS3 CFW Above 3.55?

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    PS3 Custom Firmware are now possible past fw3.55, but most (if not all?) consoles require that you are in 3.55 before installing a custom firmware.
    Not all consoles allow downgrade, so before upgrading/updating your console, please read and understand if what you are doing is correct. you may be unable to downgrade without buying an hardware to flash your console's NAND/NOR chipset. I'm sure most of you don't know how to do that, so better safe than sorry!

    Our current guide on GBAtemp covers old cFW installation (3.40 to 3.55).
    There are some user's guide in the Guide and FAQ section, but I encourage yourself to read other website too and understand very well the options you have (there are a lot of cFW past 4.x, you need to choose one correctly).
    You are also encouraging to post a guide to help your fellow Tempers here. The community should help each other.

    Original post by Nujui from 2010 bellow:

    Right now, the only OFW able to have CFW is 3.55 and below. Anything above will not able to use CFW. The only way you can have CFW at this point in time is if you buy a downgrade, such as Progskeet or the E3 Flasher, to downgrade to 3.55.

    When is there ever going to be a cfw pass it? Answer is: We don't know. There could be someone secretly working on a CFW as I'm typing this, if you really want CFW for 3.56 and above, then be patient.
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