PaRappa and Gitaroo Man devs pair up to announce Project Rap Rabbit

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    When did that happen? You just said it but i haven't seen anything outside of special story mode replacement..
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    Bullet Hell
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  3. V0ltr0n

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    Short answer: Fuck no!
    Long answer: The characters are light hearted and funny, so is the music. Yeah, it's just another rhythm game, but it's the atmosphere and lyrics that make it memorable and beloved. So why did I say fuck no if it's full of fond memories? Because I had a gameshark. I thought I was horrible at the game and it wasn't until years later that I found out that the game suffered from lag in the timing. So if you were on point with your button presses, you still failed to do well. I can't speak for the remaster cause I've not tried it, but the original is frustrating as fuck to play without cheating.
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  4. ComicSANS

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    Since im a heavy rhythm game player, i didn't really notice the lag on the PSP version or the PS1 version. PS2 version wasn't laggy either. You just have to compensate honestly. And if you are playing on the PS1 version its best to play on a CRT monitor. Its lagless for me.
  5. B_E_P_I_S_M_A_N

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    Obligatory "busta nut" comment
  6. V0ltr0n

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    I played it on psx when it was actually current gen console. So i was on a crt. The psx version had horrible accuracy/lag whatever you want to call it. The psp version was pretty much a straight port and I was let down by the fact that no effort was made to fix it. PtR2 was a lot better as far as playability, but the songs just weren't as cool and funny.

    Imho, you shouldn't have to compensate or adjust for lag or bad detection in a rhythm game. That's the entirety of the damn game is to press buttons in time with the song. If you have to compensate, something went horribly wrong somewhere in production. When the icon crosses the strike zone, a press of the proper button should register. Its that simple, it was the only game mechanic so it's kinda important to get it right...and they fucked it up. Simple as that.
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    I haven't been more looking forward for a game since the time I preordered dragon's trap.
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    hell yes.

    I want to start drawing that lil rabbit now.
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    I played it 2 years ago and fun was the last thing I had. Everything felt so dated, slow and not responsive.

    I wanted to love it, but there was nothing to love. : (
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    I hope you mean wonder boy 3, dragon's trap on master system, that game was actually good. I thought about buying that remaster game but is $20 and not even published by sega :(

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    Is a known fact that the game has sync issues with the music and on screen button prompts.
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