NNID issue/question?

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    hay, guys
    I have a question regarding Nintendo ID:

    I made the nintendo ID using my old 3DS (which was OFW on sysnand at the Time)
    and I was able to get in to my account to change the email to use on switch.
    (when it was CFW'd) through my emunand (unlinked).

    my problem here is that if I remove the SD card with emunand on it from the 3ds, and format the system (offline)
    since my NNID is linked to my nintendo account on switch,
    will getting rid of my old 3ds that I had made the NNID (sell the system)
    remove my nnid or cause any problems?

    also, is an NNID really needed for switch or nintendo account?
    what is an NNID used for on switch?
    and if I don't have it, what do I lose if I remove it?

    also, is my old system if I sell it to a friend of mine, tied to my NNID or once I formatted the system, the ID stopped working for said system?
    I changed the access of my NNID to "pc usage".