Nintendo Switch gamestream app "Rainway" shows off new video, beta delayed to 2018

Discussion in 'GBAtemp & Scene News' started by Chary, Nov 22, 2017.

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    To be expected for a BETA. It needs some more work; but CupHead probably isn't the best example. Something like Nier Automata would be a greater example.
  2. KingVamp

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    I really hope it is approved, just for effort sake.
  3. Deboog

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    Still a bit choppy, but a big improvement from last time. Looks like it's wrapping up to be a quality product.
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  4. ut2k4master

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    this software purely lives off a version that will never get an official release :P

    everyone is just interested in the switch version, though nintendo will never allow this on the eshop (tbf, sony and ms probably wont either). also this still runs like poop for something that was supposed to be released (even if it wouldve been just a "beta" version) this last june or so. the framerate is way too low and inconsistent and you have input lag. also, the upcoming beta in january doesnt include the switch version, if anyone heres wating for that.

    "i cant really play and record"
    yeah sure, because laying down the camera and the switch on a table is impossible... its not because of the low framerate and input lag or anything like that..
  5. Shadowfied

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    Dec 6, 2014
    All the budget went to that intro animation
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  6. Thirty3Three

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    He's just assuming based upon his heavily-assumed, flawed and skewed knowledge of Nintendo. I'm sure it'll happen.
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  7. fluffykiwi

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    This would allow people to skip the sometimes overpriced Switch version of many games and instead use the sometimes ridiculously cheap, or pirated, PC version.

    Basically Nintendo would not get any money whatsoever from the game being played on the Switch, and developers would have no reason to make a Switch version. Nintendo's main source of income is not the console hardware.

    It might also limit people buying any new Switch games, as their need for a new game release could be filled by streaming PC games.

    Also with very little modification it could probably stream PC based emulators, thus killing possible future VC sales.
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  8. NoThisIsStupider

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    The main moneymaker for Nintendo is their first party games, those Rainway will never play, so I don't see them being afraid of making money. 3rd Parties also still make money no matter where you buy it, so I can't see them being angry. Emulators have been around for ages, anybody who wants to play a game on VC without paying for it already can and probably does, the VC market of those who don't emulate on PC will still be there and probably won't go away. Plus, people may be inclined to purchase the native version of any game, even VC, to play without wifi/play when wifi is bad. I agree this has a rather low chance of being allowed, but I also see it is quite possible it'll make it onto the eShop.
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    Superior PC version streamed over network.. To bring with it input lag, possible pixelation or degradation of quality.. Or native switch version. You'd have to be extremely stubborn to always pick the former.
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  10. unvaluablespace

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    Aug 3, 2014
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    Personally for me, the Switch has almost replaced my PC, and unless I can reliably stream my games on the go instead of just at home, I don't mind paying twice for an "on the go" experience of certain games. So far I own two copies of Rocket League, Doom, Skyrim, Stardew Valley, etc. I would LOVE to have a quick and easy way to run Skyrim, Doom, and Rocket League maxed out at home, but willing to sacrifice the quality when I am out and about. If anything, I wish in some cases, some of my game saves/profiles were cross-compatible, so I can play at home on Max settings, but pick up where I left off on the go. Maybe rent a cabin for a week or visit family in an area I know I won't have as reliable internet reception. But that's just a pipe dream I guess. Still, I'd love to have my PC games stream to my Switch, but I also don't mind having the game for easier access on the Switch either.
  11. CrimsonMaple

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    I really want this. I wanna try playing OW on my Switch, or play Skyrim with a fuckton of mods. I'd love to see the battery life on this.
  12. KingVamp

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    I really doubt a streaming app would hurt sales much, if I all. Not going to have good or any wifi every time you want to stream a game. Not to mention, not every single person will even use the app. Meanwhile, with this app, you give another reason to get a Switch.

    Also, as mention, you got to worry about battery life. Not sure how it compares to actually playing a game on the Switch.
  13. Pluupy

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    What the hell is Cuphead
  14. SG854

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    Feb 17, 2017
    No it doesn't.

    Was that last part sexual?
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  16. Taleweaver

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    Dec 23, 2009
    Belgium I the only one skeptical of the video? I understand that he holds the camera with one hand, but playing with just one finger doesn't really say anything. I mean...he could be showing a youtube video for all I know. :unsure:

    But more important than the technical stuff is the question on nintendo's stance on this (which isn't mentioned). Ninty obviously knows that the moment this gets downloaded from the app store, people will use it to stream all sorts of games (including emulated ones). And do they really want that?
  17. jpx86

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    That is more than a bit of frames being dropped. Having streamed a lot using Steam both on wireless and wired ethernet, and NVIDIA GameStream on wireless, wired ethernet, and over the Internet - this is not to be expected.

    I hope it gets approved, and everyone is only speculating whether it will or not. I really wish NVIDIA GameStream would get added.
  18. orcid

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    Sep 14, 2009
    Probably Nintendo has told the developers that they don't want to have such an app and will never approve the app months ago. But sometimes next year the developer will tell us the Nintendo is soooo evil that they don't approve the app which they had developed for so long.
  19. Thirty3Three

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    Why do people assume Nintendo are not going to do it? Seriously this has to stop being spread around. It's an obnoxious assumption based upon absolutely nothing. And it gets spread around like a freaking wildfire, picking up gullible and idiotic bandwaggoners along the way.

    Stop. The truth is, they're in talks of getting it on there right now, with Nintendo. Will it happen? WE DO NOT KNOW. There's absolutely NO INFORMATION which could make us assume either way.

    I'm so tired of these kiddos thinking they know a company, and how they think... stop... it's pessimistic and annoying AF.
  20. KingVamp

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    Sep 13, 2009
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    Would be so funny and amazing, if they actually approved this app.