Ni no Kuni Translation [ENG]

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    forgive me if this was already answered:

    but if memory serves me right, the game's instruction manual is actually a tome which has all the spells on it. Will I need that to play this or does the game provide what I need?

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    The manual/magic book will not be translated "identically" for legal reason, but as you play the game there are a lot of reference to the book and spells, the needed information will be provided with the patch.
    The scan of the japanese spell book can be found on internet if you need it. I don't remember if the spanish translation team translated or made a custom one.
    Later, if the english team has time, a custom manual/spell book will be created, but it's not the team's priority.

    don't worry, all the needed information to complete the game will be provided.
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    Are the spells different to the PS3 version? Just wondering as the Spell Book for PS3 is already available online.
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    I don't know, I played neither version yet. I'm waiting to play the DS translation first.
    maybe the spellbook is different, as you don't need it as much in the PS3 version.
    I'll let other users who played both answer that question.
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    omg, cant wait!!!

    thanks for make this possible
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    I finally picked up a PS3 last week in order to play all the Sony exclusives from last generation, Ni No Kuni being #1 on that list. I've barely started into it but I'm already loving it. Of course I love Studio Ghibli and JRPGs so I knew I would.

    Playing the PS3 version is making me want the DS version even more though. Thank you ladies and gentlemen for all your hard work! Can't wait!

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    So, PS3 version more content DS version ???
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    on the book or on the game?
    the PS3 has more "cutscenes" at the beginning of the game.
    I didn't play a lot, so I don't know all the differences, but the PS3 and DS have different chapters.
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    It's like a modern remake of the DS version. It's the same storyline, same map layouts and same gameplay, but new engine and added content.
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    The battle system is different though - action based. I strongly prefer the turn-based battle system of the DS version. The action real-time system of the PS3 version is more about quick reactions than about clever decisions.

    In any case, if you want to play some Ni No Kuni on PC in English, you can do that right now with the RPCS3 emulator. The game runs pretty well on gaming rigs that aren't below average. But I am personally far more excited about the DS version. I wish the sequel would have gone more in the direction of the DS version; but it seems they not only went in the PS3 direction, but even simplified that further. What a pity.
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    The combat-related problem with Ni no Kuni is that it may be too easy to seasoned RPG veterans. The game is designed with all ages in mind, which makes this forgivable, but the fact remains, with nine reserve battle members, it’s really hard to die. With up to 21 characters on the roster for a dungeon, plus copious amounts of healing crystals and save points, there isn’t even the possibility of challenging dungeonplay. The extra content has some boss battles that can be devilishly difficult, but it’s too bad there isn’t much in the main story that really requires the strategical thinking that the battle system can require.
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    show me an unseasoned veteran ;-)
    Assuming you're talking about the ps3 version: "the fact remains, with nine reserve battle members, it’s really hard to die." Well it's not that you have much control over them. At normal level 50 I constantly die vs the boss in Perdida. The strategy is in the choice and development of your familiars, with which I'm quite busy these days (of course I first finished the game on easy). As suggested by wikipedia, nnk is focused on adults reliving their adolescence, if you want strategy battles as it seems from your post, seek elsewhere, try advance wars for GBA (I beat the normal campaign and got halfway the hard campaign, and can recommend it) or something similar..

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    you are misinformed. I bought and played the japanese cartridge on 3dsxl (thankfully ds games are regionless) and played the ps3 version too, and I can tell you the combat, map and gameplay are different. Boss patterns are different. The puzzles are different. The atmosphere on ds is better and on ds you get to draw your spells instead of just pressing x.
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    I tried to read trough the 30 pages, but it's a lot.
    I already own the PS3 version of the game and am plaiying it, but I would like to see the original version, in English on the DS.
    On the 1st page I can read it's finished for 95%. Is there already an patcher available, or are you guys still working on this game and I need to be patience for it?

    Thank you in advance.
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    I believe we can have patience. :)