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Dec 27, 2012

New to PS3 by grentuu at 3:06 PM (352 Views / 0 Likes) 2 Comments

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    I have a Wii, 360, DSI's all modded but never had a PS3. Just managed to get my hands on the old Phat 80gb for a good price. I have read around and from what I can gather the only way to mod it for backups etc is FW 3.55 or below. This one has 3.72.

    Is there anything I can do with it homebrew wise? ... other than play it of course :)
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    If you can't downgrade you can't run homebrew
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    only way to mod it now is to buy a downgrade kit which requires soldering

    I'll just say it now, 99% of the people dont run homebrew (reason why there is almost no homebrew)
    they use it to run their pirated games legitimate backups
    I gave up the whole scene a little after cfw's came out because of all the scene bs and just how everything was a pain in the ass to get running properly
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