Nds-card and credit cards?

Discussion in 'Online Stores and Purchases' started by ThisIsDaAccount, Aug 29, 2017.

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    I can only comment on the free HongKong Air Mail (No Tracking), that was exactly 14 days once nds-card shipped the order. The order shipped in 48 hours, which is good considering I ordered on a weekend and had to email them for the PayPal info to make the payment.

    I honestly can't fault their service, I just think they should scrap card payments as they clearly don't have the ability to process such sensitive information securely. Then on top of that asking for photos of customers cards just makes them look more like a scam, when in reality their actually pretty good at what they do.

    Just use PayPal and you should be fine, however sadly it's now hard to out right recommend them without giving a warning on how to pay. That should certainly be made clear on the adverts on here in my opinion.
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    I plan on using PayPal because of the fact they are behind buy protection, i.e., it'e easier and safer than using debit/credit (lack of SSL is a turn off for me), and I want to hack my 2DS XL for VC injection. It's a tie between the Acekard 2i and R4 Gold for the NTRHax method. I would like to have it expedited, but it is an extra 20 dollars. It's either that or I pay to ship it to another user and have them mod it.
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    They used to use a secure payment gateway (long time back), wonder why they stopped and just use their own unsecure page now.
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    my dad works for nintendo.
    they used to have..
    they later (not that long ago) removed CC payments and you could only pay via uestern union and paypal..
    seems CC payments are back, in a different manner. but it's kinda weird now.. i would pay just via paypal..
    the "payment" doesn't redirect you to a credit company or uses a "plugin"
    i wouldn't trust my cc as well.
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    Yeah, PayPal would be the only real way to get a flashcart without getting screwed over on that site, TBH.
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    I recently bought a NTR card from them. Paid with PayPal, they shipped my card the next day with a tracking code. No issues here.
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    I used the credit card entry just this week in conjunction with the 3DS guide and what do you know I have fraudulent charges posted overnight.
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    I used them to get an R4 Gold RTS. 5 days from Hong Kong, shipped during a holiday. They're great.
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    So instead of being redirected to Paypal the website give me an email address of where to send the actual payment. It just looks fishy to me. Is that really how their process works? and also they have not asked me to confirm my registered email, nor have they send me an actual invoice on my email. No actual order number either.