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    to delete the cache, there's a setting in multiMAN.
    Maybe your version is too old and doesn't have any cache. or you never cached anything (it's maybe only affecting games with multipart on external drive, caching the unplit part on internet). But you can check if you have that option.
    Go to the XMMB (XMB-like menu layout). To the left side, go to MultiMAN settings (the toolbox icon) and search for the cache option (it's near the top)
    You can select delete cache, and it will list all the affected games.

    Oh, I just read my guide again, and it's saying :
    "Since multiMAN v2.00.00, user settings can be changed directly from the XMMB layout, under the Settings column."
    So you probably don't have that column, and therefore no cache setting available here.

    You can look in your multiMAN folder on your internal hdd, if it's few MB you don't have any cached game file. If it's few GB, you can find that folder easily and delete it manually.

    About the game settings, now that I think about it, they are stored inside the game folder (PS3_GAME). not inside multiMAN.
    At least, it's where it was saved on 2.x
    sorry I don't remember all the changelog and when features were added or edited.

    Just backup your entire multiMAN folder to your computer (using FTP) and you will be sure to get all the settings saved.
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    There is a limited version of Multiman for PS4 right? Does this in anyway help with the PS4 version, or will you be doing something on that to? @Cyan
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    got a ps3 with multiman 1.16 and a omg lvl2 patcher. System software version 3.55. Can i upgrade it to higher multiman or can it play new games? newbie here. thanks
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