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    A full translation project has started for Super Robot Taisen Og Saga: Endless Frontier Exceed (Mugen No Frontier Exceed), At least I hope we finish it.
    The main script has being hacked and I am able to insert the translated text.
    First, thanks to Nagato, it has been possible because of him.

    I leave a couple of screenshots here with the main script translated.
    It is not a final version at all, besides I am still working in my tool but everything is possible now,
    I just need time to improve it but I think we should start translating all the script right now.

    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    My problem is, my japanese knowledge are very low, I am not able to translate the main script, just the rest of the text but not the story so we need japanese translators.

    Who wants to join this proyect is welcome!

    I leave here a file with the first text of the game, all the project will be translate on google Spreadsheet, I think its the best idea.

    This file is free to access but the real files where we are working are private and only for the team.
    So if you want to join this project, let me know it and we can talk by PM.

    Translation Project Status
    • 13/06/2017 - The project has started, Looking for japanese translators

    Nagato - Who really helped me with the compression
    Me - Romhacker & Graphics Editor​
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    Awesome Eldinen!! :grog:

    if you don't mind my curiosity, how did you insert tthe translated stuff? The font looks sweet, there seems to be lot of space for the translated lines.
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    Mar 30, 2009
    In fact, I just did what you told me, revert the code, and I asked Nagato about a doubt I had.
    Yes, there is no problem about space. I am able to recalculate the offsets so the box itself is the only limit.
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