More custom Joycon colors & Pro Controller Shells

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    So I've been speaking with the store on AliExpress that sells the custom switch stuff. According to them, they will have more colors coming out for the joycons, and will also be releasing things for the Pro Controller also.

    They won't tell me what new colors are coming, just that they plan on having more colors out before xmas. And for the pro controllers, I'm pretty sure that the bottom "grips" on each side will have different colors to choose from (solid colors most likely, kind of like the splatoon pro controller). And the actual shells themselves for the Pro Controller should have some of the same colors that they have for the joycons (solid and translucent), and possibly colored A/B/X/Y buttons. Depending on cost, they may include colored d-pad/L/R/SL/SR buttons also, but I wouldn't count on those.