Metroid: Samus Returns - Gamescom trailer

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    You would be right if you were talking about Nintendo's entitlement granted by revolving door lobbyists. Thankfully, imaginary property abuse is easily bypassed by the customer, but, sadly, not by creators.
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    The difference is easy.

    No matter if the original seller of the DLC goes down, if it goes online once, it will find its way into the internet for time to come.
    And with emulators being available and such, people find ways to decrypt DLCs to play them on PC. Or even better, most games nowadays have PC ports, which could have DLC natively through Steam or through mods.
    Having whatever content being locked into a physical object limits things up by a notch.
    Production costs and manufacturers, it all comes to a close after a while. Physical media can get deteriorated after a while as well.

    Thankfully enough, the Amiibo bins are being backed up, so at least we have that for digital media to be preserved in case the Amiibo craze goes down. Also, with digital media you are not entirely limited to only online availability, you can also backup stuff in your own personal storage for use.

    It's easier to make a digital copy/backup of something rather than doing a physical one.
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    Mar 3, 2014
    everything you said makes it the same for phisical dlc or digital... you can backup an amiibo, store its data on pc and in some time spoof it on an emulator.. not to mention you only need a damn phone to spoof it today or buy those nfc tags that are retwritable with your phone and keep all amiibo data on pc, from your point of view is basicaly the same lol theres nothing you cant do with amiibo data than you can with digital dlc...

    it takes 5 seconsds on google to find your oh so precious amiibo data so you can use it with your phone ...
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    I'm sorry I gotta ask, you got this from mentality from tumblr??? (Also, you're 16 and accusing me of communism or capitalism, let's not use such heavy words of which you can't even remotely grasp the significance of)
    And no, I got nothing against devs making money from video games, after all that's their profession. I'm fed up with their constant bullshit about announcing additional "content" before the game's release that is locked behind a paywall.

    You wanna know what my biggest fear is???
    Next year Kingdom Hearts 3's getting released, and I can bet my money on it that SQuenix will put some sort of bullshit Season Pass kind-of deal to the game. 10 years we've waited for the game, we got no news what so ever despite them saying that development was in full swing. You're telling me that they have taken 10 years to develop a game that fans have waited for, but will somehow magically come up with some sort of content which will be developed and released post release (or the fact that there will be some sort of day 1 dlc which will unlock a keyblade with a higher strength and magic stat then the starting one) for an additional sum of money on top of the 49.99€ (or even 59.99€) that we've already paid for??

    I don't have a gripe with season passes if they're done right, take a look at CDPR and Witcher 3, the season pass is priced at 24.99€ (according to GOG), add to that the price of the base game, which is 39.99€.
    The season pass with 2 DLCs has so much content that rivals the game itself, and it doesn't even cost as much as the game does.
    Then, take a look at the likes of bethesda, activision, ea, and even nintendo, who create laughable content (and a laughable amount of it) and price it exactly the same as CDPR did or even more (EA is ridiculous with this, 60€ season passes that contain a couple of shitty maps, skins and weapons).
    CDPR got its praises because they deserve it, the others are laughed at. But who do you think we'll be seeing down the road in 20 years??? Not CDPR, that's for sure (unless they become the same as their competitors), and why do you think that is??
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    Jan 17, 2013
    But I'm not talking about backing them up and using them through spoofing.

    My point is that Nintendo themselves give you NO official option to get the amiibo locked content other than getting the physical object itself, which is the point I made as to why I will never buy those things and why I condone hacking the game after purchase if you can or spoofing the amiibo.
    If Nintendo gave you a way to get the amiibo data digitally, you won't be worried about praying you encounter one in stock on the store, or hoping the preorder for the item shows up and that you are quick enough to buy one or else you'd be fucked. And good luck going to scalper sells in eBay or Amazon.

    That is why I prefer using tags or Amiibo spoofers, because there is no way to use the amiibo data in any digital way.
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    Sorry. I'm being dumb.

    I honestly forget the issues hanging over physical keys to unlock DLC... UGH. I'M SORRY
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    May 29, 2014
    a great game!
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    Silent Hill
    It looks a bit slow and easy, but hopefully that was just done to show off the mechanics. I've got huge hopes for this one.
  9. pedro702

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    Mar 3, 2014
    well digital dlc doesnt let you have a phisical option either so its fair lol, no one needs to provide you with 2 options for the same thing, people are spoiled nowadys everything has a digital release, back then everything was phisical and no one complained they couldnt find the game and had to wait weeks or even months to find some copys on stores due to sold out, srs people are way too spoilled nowadays.
  10. Lilith Valentine

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    I splooged a little.
    I've only waited 13 years for this moment
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    I'm so getting this. Now i have to find out how to dump a cart. I don't want to use eshop.
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    Oct 29, 2015
    Looks amazing. I wish Nintendo would port it to the Switch but they're keeping it a 3DS exclusive so I suppose getting the 3DS SNES will be at a good time.
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    Aug 24, 2013
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    sorry but this looks like shit
    of all the studios out there why in the fuck would they hand it to mercury steam after they fucked up CV on both the ps3 and 3ds
    it literally looks like the exact same shit as mirror of fate but with a metroid instead of CV theme slapped on it , but with much worse graphics

    this looks so awful and contrived and just slapped together as if it were a last ditch effort to placate metroid fans in the wake of the federation farce disaster
    looks really lazily done and last minute like no effort at all was placed into making it

    mercury steam sucks they do not understand the franchises they are handed at all they just think they can make any game and throw the characters from these legendary franchises in there and it will carry them through on sales,and sadly they are probably right
    really depressing that people have such shit tier taste these days and will settle for crap like this
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    dang this game looks dope
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    Sep 15, 2016
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    Good trailer. Makes you want to be a internet space pirate.
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    Jan 26, 2016
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    Your mom's basement.
    I'm STILL salty about AM2R..
  17. leafeon34

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    Sep 30, 2014
    Some of you would have read my amiibo rant a few weeks ago and this is what I have to say after watching this trailer.

    - We already have a hard mode without needing an amiibo.
    - I wasn't going to use the art gallery and sound test for more than a few minutes anyway.
    - Pay to win shit is for children.

    It sucks to see content which should have been included in the game locked behind a paywall and the total cost of the four amiibo is higher than the game itself. But this content is not extra levels, bosses, upgrades etc. which would actually add something to the core game. For completionists though, this fucking sucks balls.

    A fair few fanboys over at NintendoLife were also bitching about the amiibo unlocks in this game. Hopefully (and my hopes are probably in vain) the backlash convinces Nintendo not to try this shit again.
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    it means I can't get all the items taken in photo without amiibo? :(
    There goes away my hope to fill the album completely.
    I thought it only dropped random items you could find another ways, or just let you play with the wolf which is just optional to complete the game 100%.
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    lol, I just quickly browsed this thread, so I may have misunderstood some posts, but it sounds like people think there is actually DLC data in the amiibo. Like, dumping the amiibo preserves the DLC. The content is already a part of the game. It's just locked unless you scan and/or register said amiibo. You can only do so much with 540 bytes of space you can write to...

    EDIT: With that in mind, you can be sure it won't be long before a tool or instructions come out to do a simple edit to the save file for the unlock.
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    that's why it's called on-disc DLC.
    except instead of paying on eShop, you pay for amiibo to unlock data already present in the game.
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