Question Is it OK to just update microSD software on 3.00 Switch?

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    It's not just a license. It's a package that is included in one distribution of the firmware.

    So there is a version of each firmware with it and without it.

    Since you can't downgrade you'd need to find a way to reinstall the same version of the firmware you already have installed with the package. That seems unlikely any time soon.

    Just format your card FAT 32 if you want to use it. Although if you aren't upgrading firmware I'm not sure what you need the sd card for.

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    Oct 7, 2017
    link to thread/comment pls? :)
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    It was in the ReSwitched discord server.

    There’s two firmwares, one with the SDXC support and one without. When you insert an exFAT formatted SD card the Switch goes online and requests a download of the version of firmware that has the support. Since Nintendo only offers the latest firmware for download online, that’s what you get. Cart updates leave that part of the firmware alone during updating, similar to how 3DS cart updates would not update the Sound app.
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