Injecting Sudoku + SudokuHax Via Nand

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    you will have to figure out how to dump and decrypt your nand a good guide is here:
    *this is made as a guide for dsi 3ds requires extra files and the guide is already there for 3ds anyways so yea*

    download 1: download the sudoku app for your region from here:
    rename the to (USA, EUR, AUS)
    unknown for JPN someone check offset 1E7 of the JPN title.tmd (if it exists) but more than likely it will also be

    download 2: download the tmd for the title by typing the link into the web browser replacing XX with your region code (see below): (save this as title.tmd)

    download 3: download the zip below for the public.sav

    download 4: for the ticket you need to modify an existing ticket (more on this soon) for now this thread will help:

    additional things:
    remove bytes offset 208 and onwards in title.tmd (only bytes 000 to 207 should exist)

    if by chance the dsi servers go down you can use the .tmd files in the pack:
    file should be 000300044B3444XX.tmd (whereas XX is your region code)

    nand:/00030004/4B3444XX/content/ (the one you renamed earlier)
    nand:/00030004/4B3444XX/content/title.tmd (the one you downloaded earlier for your country)
    nand:/00030004/4B3444XX/data/public.sav (the one from the zip below)
    nand:/ticket/00030004/4B3444XX.tik (see for info on ticket forging)

    region codes:
    USA: 45
    EUR/AUS: 56
    JPN: 4A (seems not to work any comments of help would be nice)

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