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    Hello. My name is Sam, and I'm from West Sussex, England. I currently own:
    Warning: Spoilers inside!

    One morning I was watching a video of some guy's hacked Wii, with lots of custom WADs and CSMs installed. I was very interested by this and started googling 'how to hack a wii'. I followed the instructions on a website to install the HBC onto my Wii and was very pleased to see it worked. But then, some time later, my Wii stopped working and I panicked. I tried everything but just nothing worked. Then I found GBATemp. I signed up for an account and posted a plea for help on the forum. At this point, a very helpful member under the name of ScarletDreamz helped me to identify the problem. I've not fixed it yet but I will do when I get the chance.

    After using wuphax to install HBC onto my vWii, I quickly became interested in Wii U homebrew as well and I perform most homebrew on my Wii U, either in vWii mode or Wii U mode.

    I hope to see you around!

    --Sam :D
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