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    OK, so finally got around to ordering a new Vita cable to charge the damn thing (been a looong time)

    I have 2 accounts on 2 memory cards. My (sons) Vita is logged into one, but I can't remember the other password, not sure of date of birth either (I bought it before PSN was hacked I think, but still don't like the idea of giving Sony my info)

    I've tried the email trick, but just get "you can not send or receive emails with this account"

    Although there is no real reason to stay on OFW, as no new games, he is getting a PS4 real soon, so may want to update to playlink or whatever. Personally I'd go CFW, but I feel he will want to update, but I'd like to recover other account first. Can anyone offer any advice?
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    I have a ps tv and I was wondering if you can white list it on 3.7. It's currently 3.65 and won't connect to my pc. So I was going to update to get it to connect to my pc. However, if I can't white list on 3.7 then I'll try to get it to connect.
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    Hey there. I was just wondering if you ever got this working because I'm having similar issues. I read somewhere that the max drive was 2TB (not sure how true that is) and the only 2TB drive I had was connected to my Wii U for use in vWii mode. It was formatted to FAT32 so I thought I would try connecting it to the Vita and see if it would see it which it did not. I thought maybe it was because it needed to be formatted to exFat so I transferred all my Wii games and apps to a new drive and formatted the drive but it still did not work. I always used default cluster sizes but I'll try the advice that @Tom Bombadildo gave you about using the smallest cluster size possible and see how that works. Just wondering if it worked for you or not and if so what you did to fix it.

    Edit: Just tried formatting my drive numerous times in many different ways and none of them worked. I guess I'm just going to have to buy a new usb drive and hope it works.
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    Didn't see this in the OP and honestly wouldn't have wasted my time setting everything up had I known that you are locked to 3.60 and earlier games. There's several games coming out this year and last which require 3.61+ to actually run. Hopefully they are able to decrypt that at some point.