Getting Started With DS Flash Carts

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May 21, 2011
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    thanks for the guide,
    my TTi died recently and I've been trying to chose a new flash card.
    I think I'll get a DStwo.

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    Do when people talk about hacking their DS or running homebrew they're just using a flash card?
    T_T English is my second language I miss out on things that are not literal to me.

    Also you have very good humor, I lol'd @your jokes. If I had to guess someone I'de say Andy Milonakis wrote that.

    One more thing; you could mention that if you own a game or movie, in the U.S. (which you are in?) it is legal for you now to make one digital back up copy. I think the US Congress ruled this a while ago. I remember hearing about it on BBC. So basically you buy a movie or game you are legally aloud to make/have a digital backup copy. How you obtain this is the grey area. If I buy a Blu-Ray dvd but don't have a blu-Ray drive in my computer to read it with, it is perfectly legal for me to torrent that movie as I have the right to my backup copy, and how I obtain that back up copy is undetermined. All that is clear is that I have the right to that back up copy through anymeans because I paid for the content and part of that is my backup copy (soryy if that sentence is a bit redundant).

    So if I have the GBA cards, and don't wont to suffer death by valuable card munching wombat, it is legal for me to download 1 copy of those roms, because I am allowed to have that digital copy; the law cares not if I dump them myself or torrent them.
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    What happened to this tutorial post? the HTML is showing and it's kinda hard to read.....
    If you have a moment to fix this it would be great!:bow:

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