Question Does the Switch have Virtual Console, and is it exploitable?

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    While watching Sethbling's latest video on Youtube, he succeeds in doing the credits warp glitch for Super Mario World in the WiiU virtual console. He uses a glitch in the game that lets him program in and execute code. Near the end of the video, at 2:27, he mentions this might mean possible exploits for the WiiU, and maybe even the Switch.

    Does anyone thing this would be feasible in cracking the Switch, if/when it receives the Virtual Console? I doubt that the emulator would have an exploit that'd allow full console access, but I can see it possibly being able to run custom code on the Switch.

    What are everyone's thoughts on this? Is it a pipe dream? Or maybe more?
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    It does not yet. When it does, it will likely be exploitable by ACE, depending on accuracy, but this would only allow SNES level code execution.
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    Considering this is actually Assembly code, when/if we get Super Mario World VC on the console, we will likely be able to attack the emulator and then the console.

    This is mere speculation though.
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    No and no. As interesting as it would be.