Basic Do's and Do NOT's of vWii modding

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    Thank you again! It worked!
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    So, is there a way to do this already????

    I have my vWii bricked because one Wii IOS was installed on a batch IOS install I made when hacking my vWii
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    you can try, it's already bricked so you don't lose anything.
    Run Mocha, then ftpiiu_everywhere.
    from here browse to the vWii path where you have your issues and replace the files manually with the good ones.
    you might have to edit checksum in shared folder, so it's not user friendly.

    If you try anything, make a backup of all the edited/replaced files so you can restore your bricked vWii in its current bricked state.

    see here, someone did it :
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    So I am pretty frustrated and really need help. Wii U has Haxchi working fine. Now I wanted to get my vWii with SD (128GB SanDisk) to work so I can get rid of my Wii and have everything on one. But the games will not run on Wiiflow, and cfg just freezes at the boot screen, so I have to unplug it that it turns off. Did everything what needed to be done. I followed all the steps from here:

    I am pretty much a noob when it gets down to the ios stuff or cios. So I just followed all the steps. At the end I installed ios80 but here and there I read to use ios236. But what is the difference?

    So what am I doing wrong? Should I just maybe follow the steps from Heran Bago: in this forum with the d2x-v10-beta52-vWii> not d2x-v10-beta53-alt-vWii ? And that leads me to the next question. Is ok to use cIOS to just follow those upper steps when having it on d2x-v10-beta53-alt-vWii? I don´t have to restore the defaults first before folowing those steps? I am just making sure. And if I do need ios236, can I just install it, even when having ios80 on it?

    My SD 128GB has the FAT32 format with 64kb cluster. Not sure, but somewhere I read it had to be 32kb to make this work. When I would like to use a different SD, can I copy all the files from it to another SD and use it on MY Haxchi WiiU.
    Sorry for all the questions, but this is making me crazy. Hope you guys can help out.
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    I used this guide
    I used d2x-v10-beta52-vWii
    using configurable usb loader cfg70r78.11

    GC and Wii games are working from SD card on vwii. GC games are using nintendont. Had to configure that in configurable usb loader settings so It didn't try to use another nonexistant lodader.

    I don't know on file cluster, usually just used default settings.

    I have a couple sd cards I have used on wii u and just copying all the files over seemed to work fine for me.
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    Ok, now it works from SD....BUT only with WiiFlow, NOT with the latest cfg loader.(cfg70r78.11) It still freezes at the boot screen. Did I install it wrong? All I did is take the .dol file, named it boot.dol and then put it in the apps folder with a folder named cfg. Even tried another SD but same problem. Does this have something to do with the ios80 I have installed? I don´t have the ios236 installed.
    Would this harm my system if I install this?
    And where can I get the newest Version of WiiFlow? I can´t download covers with that I guess old version.
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    I think you need the meta.xml file in with the apps folder
    as well as the usb-loader folder in root. My usb-loader folder was one I have been using for a long time, so probably just find a zip of a newer one that includes it with all it's sub folders and config files.
    I don't think you need the image file as it is just for homebrew channel prettiness.

    The foldername in SD:/Apps/ only matters if you plan on using some sort of forwarder. I used usbloader with the forwarder I used. If you plan on using a forwarder be very careful to get one that work specifically with vwii. Or it can cause headaches.


    My meta.xml and usb-loader came from some previous version that I had on my original wii. I don't really know which one; as long as you can find them from a later version, it will likely work.

    Meta.xml had this in mine

    <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" standalone="yes"?>
    <app version="1">
    <name>Configurable USB Loader</name>
    <version>70 (release)</version>
    <coder>oggzee, usptactical, gannon, Clipper,...</coder>
    <short_description>Play from USB drive</short_description>
    Play Wii Backups from USB harddrive
    Waninkoko cIOS 249 is required!
    Hermes cIOS 222/223 is supported.

    As for Wii flow; I don't know or use, however look up wii flow lite and wii flow mastermod. wiiflow always seemed to crash on me or stall. So still don't use it.

    As for IOS stuff, I don't really know, Since 236 is in the Guide as something to do. I probably did it, but don't know what it is specifically used for. I believe ios80 is what is used by system menu. be exceedingly careful as breaking that one will break vwii.
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    So, is it possible to get the encrpytion keys of a vwii in wiiu mode. since thats the current trend going on...
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    Pretty sure vWii keys are included in a Wii U OTP dump, yes.
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    Probably very late to ask this, but what is the absolute best and safest VIDEO out there that I can follow?
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    I wouldn't follow a video if I were you, I'd follow the written guide in the tutorial section