Access AltWFC with Windows 7 (and WPA2 encryption)

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    ...I guess that the experienced here can see that my situation is pretty complicated. BTW I can't simply change the encryption method, so that is one thing discarded. EDIT: BTW I posted this LOOKING for help. So if you know something to make it work in W7 without hassle, please put it here.

    I have a Win7 64bit laptop and a wireless internet CANTV router. I also have a Nintendo Wi-Fi USB Connector. So, the USB connector is NOT compatible with Windows 7 (Let alone a 64bit one), and as I can't change the WPA2 to WEP, my only chance would be to find a way to use the USB connector somehow. The options could be:

    -Installing a XP virtual machine and running from it
    I have tried that (In fact, I was currently doing so), and even with the machine working fine and installing the USB Connector drivers and stuff, it doesn't seem to work well for some reason (Gives error 52103 or 52003 most of the time), and setting up stuff as it seems to assign itself to "" as the IP, and after trying to change that to "Auto", it seems to screw up or something (It doesn't work when I do, it doesn't when I don't), and after trying to reset the machine or close the utility, it refuses to come up again (Only by reinstalling the thing it does work again).

    -Use the Wi-Fi USB Connector as a SOFT ACCESS POINT
    I have seen how to make it as a wireless adapter (And it works for W7, currently it does serve like that in the host machine, but obviously I don't use it since it's a laptop), and there seems to exist something to make it as a Soft Access Point, but one has the necessary links/downloads broken, and another one (DigiFAIL) does require installing something that's NOT compatible with W7 anyways. If there is a way to do this in W7 and that it works (with working links and compatibility), let me know here.

    -Install and Run Windows XP from a USB Drive
    ...I can only find stuff to make the INSTALLER run from the USB, and while Hiren's Boot CD Mini WXP did work, the setup asked for a rasapi32.dll file (W7's didn't work with it). I may try later since with having the ISO I can get the rasapi32.dll file from SP3, but I don't know if it would work too with the setup, let alone know if it would actually install and work without many hassle.

    -Dual Boot XP in my computer
    Probably my last option, and probably still less painful as I already set up before a dual boot with W8 (Which means I already have the 2nd partition), but I would leave it as a last option since probably about the network setup and stuff (And the drivers for my laptop, finding them and the deal about if they are compatible with XP) and to see if there was another way to make USB Connector work for me without having to resort to this.

    Any help is appreciated!
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    Sendme a PM i will help you but only spanish...!

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