A Reminder About Respect

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Jul 2, 2011

A Reminder About Respect by GeekyGuy at 2:29 PM (9,598 Views / 27 Likes) 1 Comments

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    Since certain topics and areas of discussion have had a bit of a backlash in terms of quality and respecting the rules, the staff have come to the conclusion that this reminder is necessary in the 3DS Hacking & Homebrew forum. The following reminder is not up for debate, since GBAtemp is a place for everyone and all opinions.

    It's been mentioned by others in the past, and after perusing the threads in this forum as of late, it's obvious this needs to be addressed. Hopefully, YOU read the rules when you created a GBAtemp account, but it bears repeating: show respect to your fellow Tempers. The hacking forum isn't granted a special pass to be belligerent to one another -- finding fault in every statement, and then making a total mess of a thread with troll/flame replies. Agree, disagree, debate, and discuss. Leave the lowbrow remarks at the door. Please keep one word in mind before posting, and YOU should be fine: RESPECT.

    Thank you
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    Updated for relevance by the staff. A topic over 3 years old becoming relevant again should tell everyone something. Keep it civil and everyone can enjoy the forums as we all have enjoyed and will enjoy in the future.
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