3DS emulator Citra now has "networking" support

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    Voicing an opinion that I feel they should work on more important things, that there's too many people working on the project
    and that no real substantial progress seems to be being made is not "whining".
    It is also not claiming that I am owed anything by the developers.

    I repeat - I am so sick of this kind of canned response. I'm also sick of people who claim to speak for others
    ("nobody wants your shitty opinion") and the general condescending attitude. Do you really feel so insecure making a point
    that you have to involve imaginary supporters? It could also be argued that "my shitty opinion" is mostly fact anyhow and
    I'm sure many others hold it. I love the scene as much as anyone and I do not intend to offend anyone but I really hate it
    when any form of criticism is exaggerated as you are doing with me in an attempt to make me look like I'm just the biggest
    dick in the world when really all I'm saying is things could be better. Why is expecting better wrong?

    Constructive criticism is pointing out valid and logical truths. Game compatibility has not really changed in months and there
    is a point when a project gets too big - as someone else pointed out, it's a chore to simply keep track of all the users
    submitting updates and keep the builds straight. No one would say that's a good thing. I don't want a war so I hope all
    points have been made and we can move on and have positive discussions that sometimes include criticism without
    the critic being crucified or told that he/she can not voice their opinion unless they join a development team and code.
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    What other answer are you looking for here? Condescending, maybe, but that is how it is - the community themselves has driven this disconnect.

    It most certainly has. People are working towards both GPU improvements, I know people are working on IPC (multiprocess - swkeyboard I think), a million other things are going on as well. Reverse engineering is incredibly time-intensive, and most devs just want to work on the obvious stuff, which is perfectly fine.

    You are free to voice your opinion, but when it is the exact same argument that is being made on every single Reddit, GBATemp, Youtube post that we make, people get really, really sick of it. That is how it is.
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    these arguments are often the most pointless "obvious" suggestions to make, do you really think devs involved just go "ooooh you know what!, we could fix all these bugs really easily, but what I think people really want is network support, sometimes you have to just have faith that the people who can code an emulator aren't absolute idiots who cannot realise that fixing game compatibity and bugs would be a good thing to do if/when they can

    don't get me wrong I can understand peoples frustration if they just want magic to happen so they themselves can just use an emulator, but I would like thing hope that people capable of making emulators understand simple logic and don't need constant prompts to keep breathing
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    Yes, but the actual method of doing so - save state reloading wouldn't show on the other side as well, and neither would slowing down the game. Unless they specifically program the TASing tools to show up and synchronize on both sides during multiplayer, which would benefit... no one?
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    This is gonna be interesting probably. Never used citra though. No need to.
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