3.67 White List Patch Auto Installer!

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    (Method does work, tested on PSTV with Romancing Saga 2 USA English, vita has never had any hacks on it before !)

    "How to install the PSTV Whitelist Patch (v2)" (found that guide on google search, the guide is very old, you don't need to do all that just what is below, tested working)

    You Need

    Windows 7 64 bit Operating System (enterprise edition) (nothing installed except .net 4.0 or something, updates from microsoft until july 2017) (32 bit may work)
    2. Qcma_setup-0.4.1
    3. PSVIMGTOOLS-FRONTEND V0.5.3.1 get this one "psvimgtools-frontend-win64.zip"

    install QCMA, and select "CMA protocol selection to LATEST", and "use this version for updates 3.60 (HENKAKU) (make sure the folders point to a folder called "backup" you create on your desktop)


    take out your memory card from the vita, now go to context manager and select connect to pc, and the backup, (just refresh qcma, i used the second option for the driver at the install of qcma, and try connect again, it will work).


    open the psvimgtools folder and select "RUN" program, then select EASY INSTALLERS, then select WHITELISTER, then INSTALL


    restore your backup to your vita using context manager, your vita should be left on the whole time and qcma should be left on in your PC the whole time, then your finished! power off your PSTV/VITA, and then, put your official memory card back into the VITA, and when you play your game now, it will work, you will not have the warning that it does not work on the PSTV!
    (this method may not work on windows 8 or windows 10, because, the psvimgtools says easy installers don't work on 3.67 firmware, and that is not true.................right now i'm using "Windows 7", but only because I have spare harddrive to set it up on, I just use "Windows XP", so you can imagine how much of all day I spent playing with this just to get it work on my not so powerful PC!) (I have one hard drive for windows 7 now for sure, and my regular one in side pc for xp, no fancy setup just unplug wires and setup when powered on, if your wondering, you may need to do the same, if like me your on lower operating system with low spec pc)
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