Review: Mayflash Magic-NS Switch Adapter (Nintendo Switch)

Mayflash Magic-NS Switch Adapter: Member Review

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Reviewed by I_AM_L_FORCE, posted Oct 31, 2017
Oct 31, 2017
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The Nintendo Switch is an excellent console, don't get me wrong, I love it to bits, but when playing Mario Kart I did not really like the feel of the comfort grip on the Joy con controllers for game-play, so I then thought of getting a pro controller... For about £60, which I didn't have, so I scrapped that idea, and Googled it, and I might have just found the perfect solution.
As I played a lot of WiiU I had a WiiU pro controller lying around, and it would've been a horrible shame to just let it rot, so I bought a "Mayflash Magic NS" adaptor on Ebay, costing me around £18 (with free shipping!).

When it arrived here from France to the UK, it fit through my letterbox which is always handy. The box is rather tiny and comes with the USB adaptor dongle and the instructions for the device. Surprisingly the device was very simple to set up, it was as simple as plugging the thing in to one of the Switch's USB ports, switching it to the right mode (Purple*) and syncing up my WiiU Pro Controller as I would with a normal WiiU (with the sync button), I also tested the device with a DS4 controller and it worked flawlessly. Full analog movement on the sticks of both controllers and vibration working too*. There is no lag between inputs and the device lets you use controllers wirelessly or wired, depending on what you want/need. However one thing that I found pretty disappointing was that, despite the fact that you can connect eight controllers to this dongle, it will only register as one on the Switch, leading one to beg the question: "why add support for eight controllers if the device only works as one when plugged in?". This means that if one wanted to use two controllers for two different players in a game, they'd have to buy two adaptors (still less than a Switch Pro controller though, Nintendo).

*If you update the Mayflash Adapter's firmware, then there will be a Purple mode within which added support for features such as correct controller numbering and vibration will be added, if you do not update the Adapter, then you will have to use the red mode which does not support the aforementioned features.
+ Cheap
+ Convenient
+ Works well
- No proper support for more than one controller
- Kind of hard to get a hold of
- No motion controls
out of 10
All around pretty solid, you can buy multiple for less than a Switch pro controller or another pair of Joy con controllers, and you can use other controllers such as DS4 and XBONE controllers if you prefer those kinds of controllers too.