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Mar 21, 2014
    1. kasai07
    2. Valery0p
    3. GeneraLight
      Hi Michael. I recently used your Gen 1 editing software Rhydon for my Yellow version (3DS VC), and now my Pikachu will not follow me around anymore. What happened? I have the TID and OT match, and the encounter rate set to 163 for a starter Pikachu. But nothing changes.

      Any help?
    4. Yinxx
      Big fan xD (Of your save editors)
    5. GUST
      Can you help me with an issue regarding FEAT? It doesnt let me patch any of my fates files (they are .bin.lz and i want them to be just .bin for using a randomizer) I have 4,6 .net on my computer but it cant decompress them, any insights?
    6. robotortoise

      A while ago I contacted you about your Fire Emblem If Text Simulator using localized names, and you said there were still some people using Japanese names.

      Nowadays, though, everyone seems to use the localized names. Do you think it's time to add localized names? I can make a commit with 'em (and not change the internal Kamui variable).

      If not, you mentioned that you were thinking of adding a checkbox...?
    7. Twoface2
      I sent you a message on serenes about the fire emblem thing, and would appreciate if you read it. I think it can be helpful
    8. thethiny
      I have a question about crc32, could you possibly answer that for me?
    9. Drew Turner
      Drew Turner
      Hey sciresM. So will you hack Pokemon rumble blast for 50$?
    10. Syphurith
      Hi SciresM. About your FEAST there is an issue about using it with JPN version of FEA. There is Item ID and Skill ID list found (for cybereditor decrypted ones). Mind you please just take a look at your github FEAST repo? Thanks, and sorry for the troubles i produced.
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    11. AlphaSapphire
      could you help me find my offeset
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    12. Kal-El
      Hey, sorry to be bothering you, I'm just wondering if you ever got around to uploading that shuffle editor you were working on a couple of weeks ago?
    13. bache
      Do you have any experience with .sbin2 and .dbin2 files? Another member and I wish to translate a game, and it would appear all of the text resides in these files, but we cannot find any information about editing them. Thanks!
    14. KashiToxicBlood
      plz maik wee you emulootor plais thAnk U 4 emulator
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    15. TARKAN
      is it because i got a new 3DS? i read all the tutorials but i'm still stuck xD,
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    16. TARKAN
      hey please help me, im trying the tool with my 3ds and i cant find the file to do it, im a bit confuse about how it works :/
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    17. breaktemp
      ah, how are you enjoying your "Cyber Gadget Save Editor" ?
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