Feb 19, 2008
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    1. MetalFan
      Bro , we are having issues after using the new inserter. I made a new post about that. Please check this out Bro. Thank in advance
    2. MetalFan
      I have done some tests but I can not re-compress the overlay file correctly?. I have not been able to find the pointers either.
    3. MetalFan
      Please brother, I found the texts of the menus of the minigame of the tank inside the Overlay_0002.bin file. I made a new post with a screenshot. Please bro help us on that. Thank you very much in advance
    4. MetalFan
      Hi brother ,Happy New Year!, hope you're fine. Sorry man , but again we need your help. Recently I've found some of the Minigame's text inside the overlays files. I made a post on the thread about that, Please, could you be so kind to check it out , It would be great if you can upgrade your tool to support that. Thank you very much in advance.
    5. MetalFan
      By the way ,we have all the project in Googledrive you are welcome to have access and try what you want, just tell me your Gmail email to give you the access. Hope you are fine. Regards
    6. MetalFan
      Hello brother, I am sorry to bother you again, but we are having problems inserting the translated texts in the following files D00, C06, C09, C11, H15, please could you check to see what it is about. (I have left captures in the thread and the translated files that we want to insert). Thanks in advance for all your help.
    7. MetalFan
      I put an examples files in the MM3 Translation thread .(They are the files inside unpacked\OP\tex but there are many more compressed) Thanks in advance bro.
    8. MetalFan
      The problem is the following , I have found a great quantity of .TEX graphics with some kind of compression I have proven all the tools that I have without results , looking the hexadecimal structures of the files that I could not see the graphics I found that it is completely different than the others, seems like a compression or encryption ??
    9. MetalFan
      Hi brother I hope you are well. I'm MetalFan from the Metalmax 3 Translation project. The translation goes very good and your tool works very well , but I have compression problems again ,could you please be so kind to help us again bro...
    10. hayate891
      Thanks for your mapletrans. I could do a new translation.:)
    11. Assetou
      I want to do a french translation of Soma Bringer but i can't put some french characters like "é" or "ç" each time that I put them during the repacking of the rom these charcaters are removed
      How can I do? Did I have to modify the table if yes where it is?
      And I also planned to continue the translation about the dictionary!
    12. DJ91990
      Found that old Kimino Yusha post. I see that there is a translation sheet on Google Drive. I made a copy of it and added it to my Google Drive. I have also downloaded your Yusha Trans 0.6 tool. What do I plain on doing? I have no damn idea. Perhaps applying what has been translated so far.
    13. tzeshern
      I tried to download the GXG patch for harvest moon:island of happiness but the link to the file is dead and chaosBoi doesnt have the copy anymore. Can you send a copy of it to my email, tzeshern@hotmail.my? Thanks
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