Finally added the Genesis/Mega Drive injection feature in NSUI (Beta 19) :) Sep 27, 2017

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    1. MichaelJohnMoye
      if you're open to people testing that super ultimate inject I'd like to do so, I've created many injects with the separate tools and would love the idea of an all in one injector
    2. Ev1l0rd
      I guess you hear this a lot, but I'd just like to say: Thanks for your work on the 3DS injectors. Like seriously, much praise be upon thee and all that.

      The injectors might just be in the top 3 of my favorite PC tools for 3DS Homebrew. They made injection a lot easier. So I do thank you for it.
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    3. brunocar
      Hola Asdolo! acabo de ver que agregaste funcionalidad para injectar genesis al ultimate injector, yo todavia tengo una version vieja que me mandaste por reddit asi que te queria pedir si me podrias enviar esta nueva beta (la 19 segun tu update)
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      2. ferreirarq
        De igual forma me encantaría colaborar para probar el nuevo super injector. Saludos desde Mexico
        Dec 1, 2017
    4. manxbox
      hola Asdolo podrias compartir el programa el new beta for the gba injector lo necesito por favor gracias te mande PM ayer.
    5. DrewyPoo
      Hi there Asdolo. Love your work. Would I be able to to test the new beta for the GBA injector? Thanks, appreciate greatly!
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      2. cezar
        so its very important this ijection for new beta gba but the new beta to the injection snes injector foward when you cam put to download e everyone test
        Oct 29, 2017
      3. JMPesce
        I agree, I would like this too please!
        Oct 30, 2017
      4. Yafte
        Podrías compartir el inyector de snes para old 3ds conmigo, por favor? Intenté enviarte un MP pero no pude :D
        Oct 30, 2017
    6. Lea23LV
      Hola Asdolo (me daré el lujo de hablar español aquí), te mandé un PM hace un par de semanas para probar la beta del Inyector, me interesa probar si es que hay un forwarder de SNES para Old 3DS y de Sega X32 para New. Gracias y saludos.
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      2. tonofx
        A mi tambien me interesa. Muchas gracias por tu trabajo saludos
        Oct 15, 2017
      3. JacKob
        Yo Tambien. Saludos desde Colombia.
        Oct 24, 2017
      4. exe
        I'd PM you instead if I could, but I'd like to test the NSUI as well. I can send back reports about it's capabilities with rom hacks if you want, that's what I mostly use VC injecting for.
        Oct 24, 2017
    7. Dayfid
      Hey there, just wondering if there's any new betas for NSUI? I see you mentioned there being a beta 19 on your previous status, I just wasn't sure if you're letting people test this one yet or not. :)
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      2. Wowjinxy
        I'd like to try the NSUI as well
        Oct 21, 2017
    8. Asdolo
      Finally added the Genesis/Mega Drive injection feature in NSUI (Beta 19) :)
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      3. NPNL_PRO
        May I test the beta please?
        Nov 17, 2017
      4. badhaloninja
        Asdolo, I cant DM yet and I'm too lazy to post 10 comments so is there another way to get the beta?
        Dec 1, 2017
      5. badhaloninja
        - For NSUI
        Dec 1, 2017
    9. Dionicio3
      Any news on the ultimate injector?
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      2. Asdolo
      3. Dionicio3
        Woah nice!
        Sep 13, 2017
      4. ShobuPrime
        Good morning @Asdolo . I was a GBATemp lurker whom just created account and I'm having a little trouble sending you a private message to request NSUI so I can test it. How can I do that?
        Sep 22, 2017
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    10. CatmanFan
      What program language do you use to write your applications?
      1. Asdolo
        C# (with .NET framework)
        Aug 3, 2017
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      2. CatmanFan
        Do you use Visual Basic? If so, which version do you use?
        Aug 3, 2017
    11. Cjmcgiv
      Just recently discovered your gba\gbc\gb .cia injectors and I just gotta say, YOU'RE AWESOME!

      Your an integral part of out community. Keep up the great work man! :)
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    12. someguy12345
      Hey, hope you're doing well. I have a question about the Ultimate Forwarder/Injector. For the PSX side of things, or any disc-based platforms really, how do you plan to handle the forwarding of games that are on multiple discs? Perhaps loading multiple BIN files per forwarder?
    13. CatmanFan
      When do you think you will release your New Super Ultimate Injector?
    14. The_Time_Is_Nigh
      I'm so excited for your New Super Ultimate Injector :D You are one of the most important developers in the Homebrew Scene, in my opinion.
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    15. Asdolo
      1. Dionicio3
        Thank you so much for this
        Jun 27, 2017
    16. Asdolo
      New Super Ultimate Injector development update: finished with all NES platform related stuff . Need to research a bit about Download Mode.
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      2. Asdolo
        With older makerom, the -target and -ignoresign arguments doesn't even exist, so I can only make the CIA by my "classic" way (-f cia -content CustomPartition0.bin:0:0x00 -o "test.cia")
        Jun 20, 2017
      3. ihaveamac
        ignoresign is required since it attempts to sign the cia with retail keys which we don't have(and never will!). -target p targets retail, hence why it tries to use retail keys. signing's not an issue since you're only going to be using it on cfw systems.
        Jun 20, 2017
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      4. ihaveamac
        old makerom does not have the boot9 keys so it will use zero key to encrypt the NCCH instead.
        Jun 20, 2017
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    17. iannoah440
      Any change auto-update for Retroarch cores like Picodrive to be possible?
    18. ThisIsJohn
      Any chance the New Super Ultimate Injector will have a DSi forwarder that can launch roms from a flash cart? I haven't been able to find one that works, either way, great work!
      1. Asdolo
        Jun 19, 2017
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    19. someguy12345
      I know this is a long shot but is there any way you could incorporate other forwarders into the Ultimate Injector? Provided they have Retroarch cores of course. PSX, NeoGeo, PC Engine CD, etc. The lack of system icon shouldn't be a problem since they could just follow the GBA format.
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      3. someguy12345
        Is PSX planned as well? The emulator (PCSX Rearmed) isn't in the newest releases of Retroarch, but it's in 1.3.6 (the one I use).
        Jun 7, 2017
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      4. Asdolo
        If I make it work, then yes :)
        Jun 7, 2017
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      5. someguy12345
        Too cool!
        Jun 7, 2017
    20. CatmanFan
      hi, just noticed the New Super Ultimate Injector images, they look VERY promising
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