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  1. Preview image aka Quad9: a new DNS service that protects you from malware

    By now everyone probably knows, Google's public DNS service which is as neutral as possible... except they collect your data and you implicitely agree to it merely by using it. Project Quad9...

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    EA Removes In-Game Purchases From Battlefront 2

    As you have no undoubtedly heard, the latest EA release, Battlefront 2, is rife with issues before it's even been released to the public. The main culprit is their loot box system, where users must...

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    Fire Emblem Heroes gets new characters, balancing changes, huge update

    Nintendo and Intelligent System's gatcha game, Fire Emblem Heroes, has proven to be quite the success. A livestream was announced and broadcast to detail a breadth of new information. The following...

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    This Week In Gaming: November 14

    Well, it's only been 6 months since the last edition of This Week in Gaming! Let's not waste any more time, and get right to what you've been waiting for--a roundup of news and the latest going-ons in...

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    A new Mario movie is in the works

    It looks like Nintendo has finally decided to greenlight a new Mario movie based on reports from the Wall Street Journal. The deal is said to have been made between Nintendo and Illumination...

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    GBAtempTV: OFFLINE - Playing Sonic 06

    We're live, and thanks to the sacrifice of @Meteor7 we're streaming the lovely Sonic 06, the best game of all time. You can also see when GBAtempTV is live, from the comfort of browsing GBAtemp...

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    SEGA teases new "Valkyria Project" reveal

    SEGA has announced that there will be a reveal of a new game in their Valkyria series soon. There's a teaser website that says there will be a worldwide reveal of their mystery game on November 20th....

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    Capcom to focus on making Switch games, including Ace Attorney

    Within the last week, Bandai Namco and Square Enix have both come forward to pledge that they will certainly be publishing more Nintendo Switch games, as they find the console a runaway success....

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  1. Ruiner
    I am a big fan of twin stick shooter games like Hotline Miami and one of those estranged Contra titles... lord help me, I can't remember which one now. Hopefully this title can breathe fresh air into a stagnant genre of games.
  2. Demon Gaze II
    In the eye of the beholder.
  3. The Evil Within 2
    Has the series from Resident Evil’s father, finally got itself together?
  4. Yomawari: Midnight Shadows
    Can you survive in the darkness and reunite with your best friend or will you be lost in the shadows?
  5. Creeping Terror
    Time to take a look at the 3DS' latest horror game.
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