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    GBAtemp: You're a part of it!

    We have been working extra hard for the past 6 months to bring to you the best community experience GBAtemp has ever seen in its 15-year long life: a new modern site and forum design, ready right on...

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    GBAtemp's E3 2017 Show Floor Coverage: Day 2 - Starstruck at the Nintendo booth

    Day 2 Welcome back, everyone! GBAtemp’s E3 coverage isn’t over yet! Let’s get right back into things, and continue where we left off! The first day of E3 had come and gone, and by the time the...

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    Metroid: Samus Returns getting "legacy edition"

    After quietly announcing the existence of the new Metroid: Samus Returns, Nintendo of Europe has also quietly released the fact that the game will be getting a limited edition. Officially called the...

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    UPDATE: 32TB of Windows source code and betas have NOT been leaked

    It seems a huge amount of Windows software has been leaked, from an internal source. 32 terabytes of data, including, but not limited to beta copies of Windows 10, developer software, and potentially...

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    Steam Summer Sale Now Live!

    Paypal, and now Valve, have confirmed that the start of the always glorious summer sale on Steam will finally begin today, at 1PM EST (so, at the time of this posting, ~4 1/2 hours). No real deals...

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    .Hack//G.U Last Recode heading westward

    Bandai Namco will be bringing remastered versions of the .hack//G.U. series to PlayStation 4 and PC sometime in late 2017. The full trilogy of the G.U. series will be included in Last Recode, and will...

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    "Free" (Ads) Retro Sega Games on Mobile from Sega Forever

    Sega has announced their brand new "free" (read: ad-filled) "service" Sega Forever, which offers classic Sega games on Android and iOS. Sega Forever will launch tomorrow (the 6/22) with some classic...

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    After several years, DS Wifi emulation is back.

    @StapleButter, a French developer well-known for homebrew SNES emulators blargSNES (o3DS, N3DS) and lolSNES (NDS) is developing since a few months a new DS emulator called melonDS. The open-source...

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  1. Disgaea 5: Complete
    One of the best strategy RPG's has made its way to the Nintendo Switch before the 4 millionth Fire Emblem could. Rest assured, I'm here to tell you why you should care way more about this game! This is Disgaea 5: Complete!
  2. GPD Win Handheld PC Gaming Console
    The Nintendo Switch killer...?
  3. Nex Machina - Death Machine
    The minds behind Resogun along with creative consultant Eugene Jarvis (Defender, Robotron: 2084, Smash TV) deliver an action-packed Dual-Stick Shooter budget title.
  4. Conarium
    Indie developer Zoetrope Interactive brings their Lovecraftian horror game Conarium to PC, claiming that it will "make you lose your mind". Will you?
  5. ARMS
    ARMS is the first 3D brawler to release on the Nintendo Switch. Is it a knock out? Let's take a look!


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