Lilith Valentine So as many people know, I stepped down from being a manager to work night shift in my store. And I have no regrets doing so.
Thus far the job is no where near as stressful compared to both being a manager and just simply working days in general. Because I am dealing less with customers, I am getting a lot more comfortable at my job and I actually enjoy going to work.

One of the biggest things to change for me is getting actual sleep. I used to have a seriously hard time sleeping at night. So I would often stay up until like 3 to 4 in the morning and then have to be in at like 7AM to open the department. This is why I used to try so hard to avoid opening shifts. That doesn't happen anymore. I am basically being paid to stay up all night, something I was already going to do for free. This has greatly helped improve my mood and overall life.
My boyfriends also both work days, so they aren't home all day. This means I sleep comfortably all day and get to spend a couple of hours with them before work. So I am in a better mood before stepping into work. Which has also helped them because I am no longer waking them up at 5 in the morning when I used to get ready for work.

It helps that reports have for the most part stopped being sent in about me. I used to get some regular being transgender or gender related. Of course my managers ignored them, but they were still something that happened on a fairly regular basis. Or I would get complaints that would be filled with extremely transphobic comments. Yeah, not fun. That has pretty much all stopped. At most I get one drunken red neck making a comment about me and that's like once every so often. So it's a lot more comfortable for me to be open when I don't have mouthbreathers trying to get me fired.
I would also like to note that these reports aren't that big a deal. My store sees about 300 to 500 customers every day, so the small number of them getting upset enough to report me isn't really that big a deal. I only brought it up because when an employee is reported, they have to look into it. Which means I often called to the back to talk about the reports and to make sure I was still following good customer service and all that stuff. Even if they didn't bring me to the back, they were still regular enough to be brought up to me as a concern. This wasn't that big a deal, but something that did hinder my work when dealing with it. I brought it because something that used to be regular no longer happens. That's actually something worth noting.
I also just get my work done. I am rarely dealing with customers because there are rarely customers in the store. So it's just my crew and myself working on Modulars all night. Which is great because I adore my team. It's just 6 of us and we work amazingly well together. It also helps that one of the people I work with is the former department manager of electronics. So he's actually the one who trained me to be a manager in the first place and we worked together for several years now.
Thus far I have nothing to really complain about with my spot. I am actually pretty content with this job. Hell last night I had to call in and I actually spent hours trying to prevent myself from calling in because I didn't want to. I actually enjoy working, even if it is for Wal*Mart, I am enjoying what I am doing. The job I wanted was a job where I go in, get my job done without bothering/being bothered by anyone and going home. That's what I am doing now and I am happy with that.
Overall, this is just the job I wanted to do. I am in the background doing my job, people don't notice me, and my job gets done. I also have more time with the people I love, which really helps me push me forward.


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