Sonic Angel Knight I noticed a large leap in the 3DS exploit creation over the few months i been here. During early 2016 I actually found the guide on github that help me get CFW on my 5 year old 3DS that was hardly in used since i upgraded to XL models. Having it on a low firmware and being able to use it for opening the gate way to homebrew and CFW and even a9lh, there been some impressive ways to allow these things to happen. I may not know everyone name involved in these exploits nor know them personally as much as i wish to know them but i appreciate and like the work.

  • Web browser exploits like spider hax, ar hax and slider hax which help me to turn my Legend of zelda ocarina of time cart into a homebrew enabler. These online exploits that don't require anything but some files on a sd card and acces to internet, is easily one of my favorite kinds of exploits and sits right next to PSVITA henkaku and wiiU browser exploit as well.
  • Game required hacks like the ocarina of time save data injection hax, or even some others, that just require a qr code scan are also very impressive. While save file exploits are probably least popular due to being less possible fot the person not having the tools needed to inject save data like a Power save dongle which cost money, is probably most common and many of them exist. The QR code ones have me interested more, i never used one but i appreciate it though.
  • Sound hax, a fairly recent one i had heard about, i used recently to Re enable a9lh on my old system after i lost it. After waiting paitently for a way to get it back on CFW, i'm glad i did wait and not make any hasty decisions. Is also impressive, loading a Audio file to enable exploits, honestly i didn't know stuff like this is possible and makes me excited to see newer ways to do it.
  • Slow hax, fast hax, safe hax, Not sure much about these but from what i heard is the reason why all firmware up to the current 11.2 can run downgrades to ge a9lh without the need of purchasing any extra content which cost money. Rather than focus on the names being something related to the speed or security of it, i still think is good and appreciate it.
  • DSI ware hax, while this is probably the most unexpected in my opinion, is also the most uncommon, but it works. From what i learned, injecting a save data into a DSIWARE game from the eshop and system transfering it to another that can trigger downgrade exploit to use to install a9lh. While very complex and maybe not preferred, it still help lots of people and appreciate it even though i didn't use it.
There is more exploits that may come out or i haven't mentioned but the ones i know so far as of recent. The other people who also help bridge the gap in this useful exploit variety also helps like the homebrew people make for the system as well as the CFW. There is many homebrew which i had not explored, most of them are system tools but i was hoping for some homebrew games rather than emulators and tools, not that i don't appreciate it as well.

Like i said, too many people to name for all these kinds of exploits and cfw that make this possible, but i hope you are all respected and appreciated for the hard work, and if you wish for me to list you as credit please just leave a comment and what to credit you for. :)

Thank you for exploits, Homebrew games, emulators, tools and the CFW variety, as well as opening possibility to rom hacks being made possible to play, and dump games for emulator and more. Hope you all have sucessful year in your respective feilds. :toot:
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