Please read before downloading the file made available at the end post.
The explaining effect in this tutorial can also be used on themes that have different images.

top.png bottom.png

What is being covered in this tutorial and how to create images with stretched background effect, this effect is used by Nintendo in its official themes. As can be seen in the image above.
You ask me why I should read this tutorial I answer. If you really like to create custom themes and want them to have the same quality as the official themes, read this tutorial and stop asking questions :rofl2:
The process of applying the effect takes less than 2 minutes.

I made available in the compressed file 2 folders and a file in PDF format. The tutorial is in PDF format if you can not see the available images in the PDF file, see the images folder. Also available 3 editable files for Photoshop you should use it to be able to practice the tutorial.My Photoshop is in Portuguese Brazil any doubt about how to perform the functions explained in the tutorial leave a comment.

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