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    x65943 I went to a Chinese Restaurant today with my roommate.

    I opened the menu, and it was split between traditional and Americanized Chinese food. I had never had the real stuff before, so I decided to pick something from the traditional side of the menu.

    I figured I would get traditional Kung Pao Chicken. Big mistake.

    It was full of what's called "Sichuan Pepper" aka "Chinese Coriander".

    This tiny spice is innocuous until you bite into it, at which point it numbs your mouth and blasts your tastebuds with pine sap.

    This is thanks to the overabundance of the highly-basic Hydroxy alpha sanshool, pinene and terpene.

    If you were wondering where "pinene" gets its name, it comes from pine trees, and it tastes like pine trees.

    I have to ask, does anyone like this spice? It totally ruined my chicken ;Д;
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    x65943 I got my acceptance letter for Medical school yesterday. I start class Fall 2017.

    This is a dream come true. Thanks GBAtemp for being awesome, and always supportive.

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