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    th3joker Click bait title. Just gonna keep making the same threads and blog when they delete. I have been looking into forum hacking. Back in the vbulleten days id use a exploit on any forum i found running out dated vbulleten software, and make myself admin, demodding the entire staff, then locking the forum down for no new account registration and sit back and watch the chaos. Lulz X9000
    th3joker And is the same color as my avatar. That is all

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    th3joker Hi my name may be th3joker but today im blogging about sonething that is no joke.

    In december 2016 i had a crash and a accident that ended with me flying through the air at 30+ mph and bellyflopping on the street. I had the usual road rash on elbows and knees but from my waste line to my nipple on the right side i was completely black and bruised. Super tender and there was a burning feeling constantly. I dont trust the local hospitals or doctors becuase.... Reasons. Thus i decided to wait for a month till mid january b4 the right side of my stomach swelled up like a baloon and a literal catalope sized hemotoma (pocket of blood) formed in the span of 2 days. I couldn't lean forwards or sideways. It was hell. I was just waiting till the septic shock would kick in and id be done with this life ( ive tried to commit sucied twice and dont really care, life to me is meh same shit different person or day) i called friends and let them know what was happening and one of them "forced" me to go to the ER. They did the standard wait 12 hours b4 seeing a actual doctor and another 12 b4 any action is done. They put a stint drainage tube connected to a bag and it instantly filled up with this dark red wattery blood. Then i sat in the hospital for 6 days draining and spent 2 extra waiting for a comunication failure to fix itself b4 i could be discharged. Ill spare u the bs but lets just say i had to threatten a malpractice lawsuit to get shit done in a timely manner. I was out the hospital for all but a week and a half when i ballooned up again. I went back. The surgon and the doctor were in a debate over taking my apendix out. The surgon said that they should take it out now so i wont have the risk of appendicitis in the future but it has nothing to do fix my current situation. The doctor admitted that the surgon was just trying to get work becuase its been slow. I dont have any inclination of appendicitis so i told the surgon to strait fuck off i want 2 more second opinions from other hospitals. The second hospital visit was just 2 days but they let me go home with the drain tube inside me and collection bag and to just wait till i stop leaking and the come back to have it removed. I waited 2 weeks and took it out my self. It was disgusting and creepy but i did it

    Well here we are 7 months later and now i have severe pain again but no swelling. Im not telling anyone i know in real life. I dont want help. Im going to either ride this out or let it end me. The last hospital stay ended with 8k in hospital bills (better than the 70k) it would have been with no insurance but still cant afford 8k. The fincalal officer did try to pull strings and get my bill lower and help but i make too much money. ( part time barely minimum wage is too much u have to literally be homeless)

    So... Yea.... I just wanted to get this out somewhere so if for some dumb reason someone backtracks what i did they will find this and my last request. I wish to be cremated by being shot into the sun in a rocket with a note painted on the side saying im comming home