Blog entries by T-hug

  1. On Saturday mornings I take my son to Karate lessons. He has only been twice but loves it and now thinks he is a Power Ranger in training. [IMG]
  2. [IMG] Perfect!
  3. Got a new shirt for Father's Day today! Will wear it and then save it for the Force Awakens December 18th! Happy Father's Day! [ATTACH]
  4. My wife just came back from visiting her dad in Germany for his 50th birthday and she bought me this: [IMG] I also got a big chunk of marzipan. Guess she really does know me well.
  5. After moving house in December last year, today I finally got my internet back on and realized I haven't had a blog entry since I first got my Vita. As my 360 is still in storage, for the last 3 months I have mostly been playing Vita and also with my Android phone. The Vita is really an...
  6. So I have had my Vita just over a week. In this time I have played through the whole of Uncharted, about an hour of Escape Plan, all current available demos, and just today I picked up UMVC3. I wanted Shinobido 2 but they were out of stock. I didn't mind too much as I never had the Ultimate...