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    ShawnTRods Bought and received it on launch day. Chilling inside this drawer.

    Is it time? Should I open it? Anything worth playing on the system?
    Please don't say Wild Breath..

    I do own Wild Breath and Mario Kart. Also not opened yet.

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    ShawnTRods Hey :)
    So I returned my OnePlus 5 and bought a Samsung galaxy S8 plus instead.

    OnePlus 5 just sucked. The standby time was horrible. Charged 100% before going to sleep and woke up with 50%.. Not even many apps running in the background. Confirmed nothing wrong with the battery as screen on time was fine, but for some reason the standby time was horrendous.

    Problems with apps..
    Outlook didn't work properly(I need it for work)
    Mythree app didn't work, phone kept restarting when I used that app.
    Deleting contacts did not make it disappear of the contact list.

    I did factory reset the phone and still same issues.

    Over the past year, I have probably used more phones than a professional phone reviewer. I feel like Android operating system is a double edged sword.
    Apps from the play store and the OS itself isn't optimized to run well on all phones. Developers are lazy or can't do it properly.

    I have used:
    Huawei P9 (had problems with certain apps and push notifications)
    OnePlus 3 (problems with push notifications of certain apps and just problematic)
    S7 (was ok but slowed down majorly over time)
    Redmi note 3 (Chinese phone so didn't expect much and didn't work that great)
    Redmi note 4 (same as above)
    IPhone 6s (everything worked the way it's supposed to)
    IPhone 7 plus (everything worked fine)

    So these are some of the phones I have used recently. The reason I call Android a double edged sword is because so much is available on the platform so companies aren't moving away from it to make their own platform. However, it's definitely not a stable or even functional platform in my opinion.

    Look. I am not an apple fanboy. In fact the opposite.. But I have finally given in. Apple is good. IPhone simply works for everything intended without headache.
    I only bought a galaxy s8 plus because I didn't want to buy another 7 plus. Gave my one to my dad. So waiting for the new iPhone.
    ShawnTRods Title.
    I have been looking around and I can see Arcade Table for two players(without screen) for around £250 and just the sticks(for two players) for around £100.

    (and table top arcade machine for £1300+- if I look around, I can get it for half the price)

    Debating whether I should get it :P

    would be fun to experience the classics the way they were meant to be played.
    (cadillacs and dinosaurs, the punisher, street fighter, 3 wonders, metal slug and million more :P)

    what do you say?